Written by Mav

8 Mar 2013

Hi, my names jim, i'm 42 and married to Tina.

She is my pride and joy, 31 years old, 5'4", size 10 and her shoulder length hair is a rusty red.

Her 32A boobs may by some, be considered small but i love them, especially her peg like nipples.

She keeps her pubic hair neatly trimmed, but not smooth as shaving really irritates her skin.

We live in N E Essex, have no children and although sociable also enjoy our own company.

I've recently taken up photography, but stick mainly to seascapes.

Needless to say Ive taken quite a few of Tina, many in states of undress or nude, but they looked drab, a bit washed out and failed to show the contours of her body.

I was told, this was due to not using a flash gun?

So to compliment my digital SLR i bought a dedicated flash.

A friend of ours invited me round to his, as he has the same flash and similar camera, which i agreed to, but having said my good byes to Tina, i found my car wouldn't start.

I phoned the local garage for some advice, the up shot of which had me sitting in the car going through one or two tests, the instruction of which was being given to me over the phone.

The service manager soon ascertained that i had a flat battery due to leaving the hatchback light on for the previous afternoon and evening/night.

He said he'd send a car over to jump me, but it wouldn't be for an hour or two. So i phoned my mate and it agreed that he'd bring his camera and stuff over to ours.

We had flash reflectors and equipment all over the carpet when the mechanic arrived. Tina took him out to the car and by the time i'd put my shoes on, both his and our car were ticking over and he was disconnecting the jump leads.

He did say it would need a 15 minute run so Tina said she'd take it for a spin whilst i went back to my camera.

On her return we were photographing a vase of flowers, Tina then made us a coffee.

It was as we were drinking the coffee that i took a few pictures of her.

My mate said to do this and that to highlight her hair, plus he added his own flash affixed to a remote slave.

Pushing my luck i asked Tina to stand up and pose for me, which she reluctantly did. But after only a few shots she said, if i was going to photograph her face she wanted to put some decent make up and lippy on, plus sort her hair out.

It must of been 20 minutes later she reappeared,but in stead of moaning about the time she'd taken, i was delighted with what i saw. Her make up and hair was perfect and she wore a lovely skirt and blouse.

Well, i may as well get a few nice photos if im going to pose, she said with a smile.

We took a good few shots ranging from standing and sitting to my mate holding a fan to blow her hair whilst i took some more shots.

I thought i'd really push my luck and asked her to unbutton her blouse a bit so the fan blew out the material.

She didn't mind and was altering her poses without me directing her.

After a few shots of me trying to capture glimpses of her bra as the blouse blew and exposed her upper chest, she said if your trying to capture a bit of bra and cleavage shall i undo a couple more buttons?

That would be good i replied in the best "no big deal " tone i could muster, whereas in reality i was thinking YES, thank you god.

The poses were great and Tina asked My mate if he could suggest any other poses?

"Well yes, but what did you want" he replied?

"Sexy and provocative, but not too rude" she said looking at me for confirmation?

I just nodded saying, sounds good to me.

She did ask for the fan to be turned off as it was starting to make her eyes water and would mess her make-up up.

She then undid the blouse and wrapped the two flaps of material across her body. She then pulled the material tightly down but apart, which exposed part of her bra, then without warning she just slipped the blouse off.

I was snapping away like a machine gunner especially as she lifted the hem of her skirt and did various poses which exposed the tops of her hold up stockings.

She then undid the zip of her skirt a bit, which i zoomed in on.

I realised i had to pace my shots as the flash guns took longer to recharge between shots, plus i had to tell Tina to slow down her change of poses because i'd already missed a few good poses.

She said ok, then slowly pulled the zip down and allowed the skirt to fall around her feet.

She then held her hand out towards my mate and said "Join me".

She then told him to stand behind her and hug her.

He must of seemed hesitant to her, because she said, "Don't be shy, just act natural and follow my lead".

I didn't know what to expect, in truth i was excited, i have often thought of her playing with other guy's, but knew she wouldn't. Ive also often asked her to visit a mixed spa that i'd read about on S H, but again, i knew she'd refuse.

In truth, although we love reading the stories on S H, we have never actually played with others and in truth its only me that has a desire to.

Tina was posing in John's arms and he was a gentleman never once allowing his hands to wonder.

Tina then said, i.m happy to make this look real, so you two need to decide if you want this sexy or not?

Poor old john looked at me, and i sensed his dilemma;,

A yes would make him seem as though he was perving over a mates wife and a no would be an insult.

So i said, yes, i'd like this to be our first sexy shoot, but first i need a wee.

On my return John and Tina were embraced and kissing.

I picked up my camera and began clicking away.

Turning her towards me he cupped her boobs and began running his hands all over her body.

She then turned towards him and placing her arms around his neck began to snog him.

He then ran his hands up her back and undid her bra strap.

she slowly twisted against him and when she was facing me he brought his hands up her stomach and sliding them beneath her bra, he cupped her naked breasts.

The bra was soon discarded and he kissed his way down her neck and chest, he lingered on her boobs and nipples then kissed his way down her stomach until he was kneeling before her.

Then as he kissed her belly button he hooked his fingers into he waist band of her briefs and began to ease them down her thighs.

She then pulled his head towards her fanny.

I weren't sure if he was licking her properly or just pretending, but it looked great through the view finder.

I'd like to tell you the shoot then got really horny, but in truth Tina sort of eased herself away from john and asked how the photo's looked?

I told her they seemed great and with a bit of editing, would be gold.

Now the bummer;

She said she didn't want to seem a tease and had enjoyed and been turned on by posing, but before we took it any further, she needed to be sure in her mind she was ok with it, and needed a day or two to think about it, because there was no going back.

She told john that she knew i was up for it and had always known i wanted her to play with other men as i watched, but she had to do it for her and not for me.

John said he understood and was honoured she'd picked him to do her first pose with.

We have discussed it over the past few days and have decided to resume the shoot asap, but for the time being it had to be done as a photoshoot and not a play session.