Written by Mav

19 Mar 2013

Hi all,Sorry if one of you found the previous part of our story off putting, due to bad spelling and grammatical howlers, but all i can say in my defence is i did my best and if you don't like it, i suggest you dont read this, cos i haven't got any better!

As some of you may recall, my name is Jim, we live in N E Essex and my wife's name is Tina.

She's a petite size 10 with 32A boobs and she keeps her fanny neatly trimmed.

We left our story, Where, after our car wouldn't start she did a very timid photoshoot for me involving my mate John, following which, she wanted time to consider her actions before doing any further shoots.

Well all things considered, she had enjoyed the shoot and was quite turned on when posing with and being touched by John.

We love reading the stories on here, but we're not swingers, or to be more correct, Tina has never voiced a desire to swing and always declined to express an in depth opinion on the subject.

As for the question of whether to use flash in a photoshoot? I can only go by my results and i feel a flash gun enhancers the images.

Having phoned John to say Tina would like to do another shoot, we set a date for last Sunday.

The venue would be in our bedroom and the story would be that Tina would be laid up injured, after falling from a horse.

John would play the part of a visiting therapist.

Sunday morning was taken up with Tina tidying the house and lying in the bath for nearly an hour and a half, whilst I messed about with the sails on one of my model yachts.

John arrived at 2pm and after a cuppa (in Tina's case a glass of wine) we quickly outlined the story, obviously John asked a few questions, Tina's answer to most of them was; that he simply follow her lead.

Tina then went upstairs to get ready, whilst John and i finished our drinks.

I went upstairs first and sorted my camera out, whilst john stood by the door.

After taking a couple of test shots, I confirmed all was ok.

John then knocked on the door and entered the bedroom, i began clicking away and reminded them to forget i was there.

Tina was lying in bed and offered him her hand as she thanked him for coming.

she then explained about her aches and pains.

Having listened, John said it would be best if he examined her to gauge for himself the best course of treatment.

She pushed the quilt down to her lower stomach and revealed that she was wearing her flannelette pyjamas.

Not exactly what i expected, a slinky short nightdress would have been better, but hay ho.

John ran his hands over the material, pushing and probing in various places.

Tina then asked, if he could tell what was wrong?

To be honest its hard to tell at this stage he replied, adding would you mind if i undid your top a bit as its very difficult to feel your body through this thick material?

Tina said she was sorry and hadn't thought about that when she crawled into bed.

I watched as John slowly undid the buttons on her jacked, but was slightly thrown because he kept the folds of material closed as he slowly worked his way down every button.

Then placing his hands around her waist he gently ran them up her rib cage. As the material parted it exposed her pert breasts momentarily before they were covered by his hands.

I felt my dick stir as he gently kneaded and rolled her breasts and nipples.

He then began to feel his way down her torso until his hands came to rest around her waist once again.

You do have some slight bruising on your ribs he said by way of an explanation, then asked about her knee and lower back.

Tina confirmed that her knee felt very stiff and her lower back was most painful.

Leaving her breasts exposed, John pulled the quilt down to the foot of the bed saying that he'd have a look at her knee first.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that in stead of her pyjama trousers, all Tina had on was a pair of pants.

John silently examined, bent and prodded both her knee's and leg's before saying that there were no broken bones or long term damage and that any fluid and swelling would slowly disperse.

She seemed quite comfortable lying there with her breasts exposed and thanked him before adding that it was her lower back and bottom that were of most concern, plus it was most painful area she'd injured.

John suggested she slip her jacket right off and roll over so he could check her spine and buttocks.

I noticed as Tina sat forward to slip the jacket off that her nipples were sticking out like corks and they were a deep crimson in colour due to being so engorged with blood.

Rolling onto her stomach she shuffled into a comfortable position and John then began to feel his way down her spine.

He then examined her ribs and the soft skin below her armpit which also forms the side of her breast.

I did notice him slip his hand under her breast and assumed he was cupping and squeezing her breast with that hand as he continued examining her lower back and buttocks with the other?

He then moved his attention onto her bottom, but after only a brief probe or two asked if it was ok to slip her pants down a bit so he wanted to look for any bruisers ect.

Tina said he could slip them down a bit, or take them right off if it was easier?

I clicked away as i watched through the viewfinder as he slowly eased the pants down her legs and over her ankles.

As he then ran his hands up her legs, i saw her part her thighs, and his finger traced over her anus, then clasping her firmly he began to knead the cheeks of her bottom.

Within seconds he was probing her vagina, parting the cheeks of her bum, which exposed her to my lens. I zoomed in, capturing the moment his fingers slide inside her.

I could clearly see the moisture around her vagina, anus and inner thighs glistening as she now lay with her legs spread wide.

John then rolled her over and after caressing her boobs he kissed, sucked and rolled her nipples.

There was no mistaking how turned on she was and there was no mistaking how wet i was inside my underpants, as i had to stop photographing for a second or two as i made myself more comfortable, god was i leaking pre come by the cup full, yet oddly enough i wasn't hard?

John then kissed his way down her stomach and joy of joy's, he moved his body around so he was facing Tina's exposed fanny, then after looking at me as if to ask if all was ok, he began to eat her.

Tina was twisting and squirming as John licked, sucked and gently nibbled her exposed clitoris.

I dont know how many times Tina shuddered to a climax, but it looked so horny through the lens that i forget to click a lot of the action.

Tina then sat up and telling john to strip, she looked at me.

No words passed between us, but we both know the other one was comfortable with what was happening.

Naked, john resumed his position and began to eat her once again.

whilst he ate her one of his hand could just about reach her breast and was busy pulling, twisting and pinching he nipple, whilst the other was assisting his tongue by probing her fanny.

Tina climaxed again and reaching down she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up her body.

As they lay kissing, his hand gently roamed across her body and she took hold of his dick and began to gently wank him.

I couldn't believe my ears as i heard her say I want you, do you have a rubber?

John confirmed he did and sliding off the bed he reached for his trousers.

With the condom slipped over his erect dick, he knelt between her legs.

I zoomed in and had the focus perfect as i watched his dick slowly part, then slip past her outer lips.

All to soon he was deep inside her and out of shot.

He thrust, eased out and pushed inside her once again for about 2 minutes before he muttered he was coming.

Tina replied; Well fuck me hard, you won't hurt me.

He managed about 6 good thrusts before he steadied himself and was obviously coming inside her.

They kissed and cuddled for a minute before John said he needed the loo.

I did capture the moment he eased from her and as he disappeared towards the loo Tina smiled and asked if i was happy.

I think my smile said it all, plus i confirmed that i thought the photos would turn out great.

After a further drink, john left and we spoke about the shoot.

Yes we both enjoyed it and yes we would do it again, but only with trusted friends. Next time i am going to ask John if his wife would like to, or be willing to; is probably a better term, take part in the shoot?

I know she sometimes act for as a body for him, so wouldn't be adverse to being naked, so its got to be worth asking?