Written by Fred

1 Aug 2008

My wife (Mary) of 20 years was a really sexy lady and loved to show off her body. We had had several lovers in the past and I knew that Mary wanted all the sex she could get. Sometimes I had to work out of town maybe for a couple of weeks at a time.

This trip I was heading to Puerto Rico and would be working for the full 2 weeks.

I asked Mary if she would like to go with me and could even travel to a Club Med facility that was on another island but close by. Without hesitation she said book it!

I asked her to call me every couple of days just to let me know things were ok.

We arrive at our separate locations and I had to work until sometimes 7 or 8 each night and then hit the bar for dinner and a few drinks.

Mary told me that she had been at the Club only a few hours when she was invited by a couple to join them for dinner that evening as I was a single at a mostly couple club.

We all went to dinner together and and had a great mean and lots of drinks. They had a band playing most of the night it seemed so I spent a lot of time dancing with several guys but noting special.

It was getting late she told me and she met another single that was at the club and he asked her to join him for a night cap in his room.

She told me that after this brief introduction she spent most of the next 5 days on her back or knees being fucked from every position that she had ever seen or even read about. Mary told me that she didn\'t even spend one night in her room but instead spent it with John (her new friend whos wife was back in Paris) John found every excuse possible to be alone with her and on the nude beach they found a quiet place away from the crowds and they were able to sun bathe nude, fuck often and swim in the clearest water she had ever seen.

She said that she didn\'t wear anything for most of the week and didn\'t have that much time to tan but when she was outside in the sun it was her back that got most of the sun.

The week was coming to a close and Mary wanted to bring John to Puerto Rico with her to meet me but his plans were to head back home to Paris.

When Mary got off the plane she had the biggest smile on her face and with that I knew I was in for a supper night of sex and she told me that John was going to call and hopefully IF I agreed he could come see me in London.

John did call and for sure we had a great time but that will wait for another day.