Written by DeeJay12

16 Jan 2014

Boy oh Boy, Its hard to believe that what I'm about to say did happen, but as sure as night follows day it did happen.

Weds nights is are our normal dogging night and i try to arrange to meet a couple of guys for Donna to play with, however this particular weds night I didnt have time to sort anything out so we decided to do some proper dogging.

For those of you that no clumber park the place to go is the car park opposite the main entrance, we pulled in about 8.30 and to be honest it was dead, so we decided to go and do some playing of our own at a place we no close by, to cut a long story short 3 great fucks later we decided to head of back home, but decided to take one more look in the car park just on the of chance that someone might be interested.

There was a lorry and two cars in the car park, a coupe were in one of the cars so we pulled in next to them and waited to see if there was anyone interested.

After about 15 mins no one seemed interested, just as we were about to leave another car pulled in and parked up, we could just make out that it was another couple.

We gave it a few mins then Donna told me to go over and see if they wanted to chat with us, as I got out the car at the same time the couple (Dave & Joe) got out there car, they made there way to the small car park cafe and straight away they started to play, groping and snogging, they saw me stood there but said nothing, I then asked them if it was ok for me and my Mrs to watch them, quick as a flash Dave said "watch us, we love you to join us" so all 3 of us went to our car, I opened the passenger door were Donna was sat, Dave and Joe said hi then continued to play, he was fingering her and she was loving it.

Sue had her arse facing Donna and Dave was giving Joe a real good fingering, me and Donna was loving the show, Dave then asked us if we wanted to join in, well this was like a red rag to a bull for Donna and in a flash she was out the car and getting her tits played with by Dave whilst Joe was sucking his cock, then Dave and Joe started to play with Donna fingering her and sucking her tits, by this time I was getting so horny I went behind Donna (who by this time was sucking Dave's cock with Joe) and put my cock up Donna's wet pussy and started to fuck her, seeing this also turned Dave and Joe on so they started to fuck as well, Joe was right up close to Donna and you could see they were both loving the cocks that they were getting, both moaning and begging to be fucked harder, I watched Dave fucking Joe and Dave loved watching me fuck Donna, then I shot my load over Donna's arse Dave and Joe saw this happen and loved watching it happen and Dave kept fucking Joe until he came inside her.

And as quick as it all started , it was over with, it was then that we introduced ourselves to each other and for the next 20 mins we sat in the car and got to know each other, we had a laugh and we got on great, so much so we exchanged phone numbers, we even found out that weds nights was there best night to meet up, so we will be meeting up again soon.

Even now I still can not believe it actually happend................. but it did, and it's going to happen again.... soon