Written by Bob Dog

14 Aug 2009

Bonnie met me outside the pub, as agreed, and I picked her up. She was dressed in a tight fitting black skirt that I hadn’t seen before. She carried a sports bag along with her ubiquitous handbag. She popped the bags on the back seat and jumped in the front. As she sat down, her skirt rode up a little to reveal the lacy tops of her hold up stockings. I was pleased. She has great legs that are even nicer when covered with the sheer nylon that promises so much. We kissed and as her tongue explored my mouth I knew I was in for a great time.

Earlier I had registered at the Travelodge, which meant that it was a pleasant stroll through reception without any embarrassment. Our room was on the ground floor at the far end of the corridor. We entered and whilst I was taking my jacket off B was bending over the bending over the sofa, looking out of the window. She said the gardeners were cutting the grass. I walked up behind her as her pert little bum was pushed up in my direction. I lifted her short skirt, pulled down her knickers and smacked her, quite hard, with my bare hand. “Stop eyeing up the gardener and pay attention to me, you naughty devil”, I said

Bonnie turned round and said sorry. I sat down and put her over my knee and smacked her bare white bottom 5 more times. Six of the best. By the sixth stroke she was happy to behave. The stinging on her bum had reddened her cheeks but more importantly her pussy was beginning to glisten. I slipped a finger in and felt the smooth warmth of her tight hole. She was lovely and wet.

I stood Bonnie up and slowly removed her clothes. I dropped her skirt to the floor and her pussy pouted nicely. The buttons on her blouse were quickly undone and her black lace bra came into view. Her tits were straining to be unleashed and her nipples were easily visible under the tight fabric. I took them both in my hands and squeezed them firmly. She leant forward and kissed me again, her tongue darting into my mouth provocatively. We came closer together and her firm breasts were tight against my shirt. It was good to have her in my arms again.

We stumbled onto the bed and I continued to play with her boobs. I undid the bra and let her magnificent mounds roll softly in my hands. One hand tickled a nipple whilst I sucked on the other. Her hands were reaching down to my crotch exploring my state of arousal. She let out a moan of delight as she grasped my stiffening cock through my trousers. Bonnie loves cock and she could hardly wait.

She was naked now, apart from her stockings and high heels. He heels were highly polished black patent leather with 4 inch stilettos. They were new and I appreciated that she had gone to all that trouble for me. I laid her on the bed with her knees bent hanging over the edge. I slipped of her shoes and took the shiny stiletto and teased her slit with it. The juice from her pussy formed little droplets on the leather. But she didn’t want a tiny sliver of leather in her pussy, she wanted hot hard cock.

She sat up and started to undress me. Pulling of my shirt and running her fingers over my chest, stopping to ensure my nipples were up and hard too. Expertly she removed my socks and shoes, not hurried but purposeful. Undoing my belt and dropping my trouser she could see the stiff bulge below my shorts. “Mmmm” she murmured, as I stepped out of my garments. Her hands felt my hard cock through the cotton of my CK’s. She stroked me gently to make sure I was fully erect.

Her hands released my knob from its confines and she tried to take me in her mouth, but I was having none of it. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her pussy. She was wet and her clitoris was showing below the small hood. I licked her with a broad stroke and she gasped, “Oh yes”. My tongue dipped into her hole and the sweetness of her pussy was a delight. She writhed beneath my face as she was loving it, just as she always does, the hot tongue on her clit which drives her to an orgasm. Her thigh clasped my head between her legs and I aroused her more and more, until, without warning, she started to clench in the throws of her first orgasm. The juice from her pussy intensified and I could feel the increase in temperature in her most intimate folds. She gasped for air as she reached her climax.

I took off my shorts and my cock stood out. I raised her legs onto the bed and spread them wide. “Fuck me Clyde” she demanded. My hard cock eased its way between her pussy lips and nuzzled against her clit. I let it rub her up and down for a couple of strokes. “Fuck me, fuck me”, she pleaded but I denied her the pleasure. I moved up the bed so that my cock was brushing her soft pink lips and her tongue shot out and took the droplet of pre-cum that was there. I pushed my cock into her mouth and she loved it. Eating cock is one of her favourite pastimes. Today, however, she was going to have to work hard at it.

I grab the hair at the back of her head and steadily pushed my cock into her mouth. I asked her to take me all in. Further in I went but she stopped short half way down my length. Her mouth was full. “Not far enough” I said, “Today you are going all the way. She couldn’t reply as her mouth was full. I pushed further and her first reaction was to gag. I pulled back. I tried again and this time she relaxed and my helmet past the point of gagging and descended down her throat. The hot moist tunnel of her deep throat is like nothing else. I withdrew only to push forward, down her throat again. I really was fucking her throat and she could feel my balls on her chin. The sensation was intense and I could feel my cum building.

She loved cum but she was not to have this yet so out I came again. She looked up at me and smiled. I took my cock and rubbed her pussy once more. She knew what was coming. I pulled her legs above my shoulders and her proud shaved pussy was waiting to be filled. My cock was hard and ready for her. Her pussy lips parted easily as I drove my cock in. She was very wet down below and I was quickly in as far as I could go. She has a small tight pussy so my bell end was nudging her cervix before it was fully in. I lent forward to gain a little more depth and to ensure my pubic bone was rubbing her clit. She appreciated it and after only two or three strokes she was cumming. She’s not quiet when she comes and the moaning got louder and louder. I kept pounding as she came.

After she had started to subside I let a hand drift round to her bum. I had allowed my little finger to pick up some pussy juice and now I started to penetrate her brown ring. Our eyes were fixed together and still I continued with my rhythm. She was great and I could feel her vaginal muscles beginning to tense again. Another orgasm was starting and as it did I pushed my little finger deep into her anus. Her reaction was fantastic. Her muscles pulled tighter than ever and the feeling to me was like a warm hand stroking my cock. I was close to cumming too. I kept going as long as I could before withdrawing. Out sprang my cock and she sat up looking at it.

Her mouth was on my cock in a flash. She wanked and sucked me until I could hold back no longer. The first jet of spunk went across her nose and left eye before she got it under control. She was not missing any more and so her hot and eager mouth took 4 more long streaks of sperm. She smiled with pleasure. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all. With a finger I helped the wayward stream from her face to be devoured by her lips. She swallowed again.

Still looking at each other, we kissed again and I could taste my own juices in her mouth. We kissed long and hard. I felt her pussy again and it was soo hot. She had loved every second of our opening encounter. I parted her cunt with two fingers and let my middle finger play with her clit. She was still so aroused and horny that after only a minute or so of rubbing she started to cum again. Bonnie was hot today and eager for more. She had already given me a great fuck but I got the feeling that things were going to get even better.