12 Jun 2019

I have written about the Italian girl in the Coffee shop near Battersea. As I have written I am having an affair with an ex girlfriends daughter, but I don't see her more than once a week or fortnight. I was lucky enough to get lucky with the girl in the coffee shop a few weeks ago. She is engaged so I thought it would be a one off. She has the sexiest arse and legs and a lovely body. Last week, I was in Battersea, looking after my friends house who was away on holiday. I drove there from my house in Victoria a couple of times a week, to check in things. On the Tuesday I drive over everything was ok, and I thought why not see if she is in the coffee shop. Luckily she was and it was nit busy, and she was on her own behind the counter. She had a tshirt on and skin tight faux leather leggings, showing off every inch of her sexy legs and arse. She smiled, I ordered a coffee and she came over and gave me the coffee and a kiss; I told her she looked stunning. I asked her if the boyfriend was around, and she said no he was away in Liverpool for the week until Saturday. I asked her if she fancied meeting up and she said she would love too.

I hung around my mates house and picked her up in the car at 4pm. I took her to her flat where she showered and changed, she wore a very sexy tight mini dress with a zip up the front and some black heals, we kissed and I soon had her dress off, she was left in just her heals and her fucking sexy body, I pushed her into the bedroom and neither wanted any foreplay, she just said fuck me hard. I entered her cunt with one big push she screamed and started to fuck back at me, I was groping her tits and kissing her. I am quite a big boy and she could take every inch and loved some rough sex. When we had both cum, we showered together and dresses and I drive her to my house. I loved fucking her in her bed.

Once at the house we dropped her bag off and went to a pub, we were drinking, I had my hand inside her dress, her legs apart and I was fingering her lovely juicy cunt. After an hour we went back to the house and directly to the bedroom. We stripped and I laid on the bed; and she kissed me from my lips, neck chest and down to my cock. She licked my cock and then started to suck me and was soon deepmtgriating, she sucked chick like a hooker. After a while I said stop or I'll come down your throat. She just speeded up finger fucking my arse. I shot my cum down her threat. We lay together and I asked why she had not called as she clear,y wanted to fuck again, she said she thought I may think she was a slut. I laughed and said that I very much wanted her again and she must always be a slug with me, she smiled and said perfect.

I then kissed her body and licked her juicy, tasty cunt and also her arse. Then I told her to get on doggy position, and I fucked her cunt whilst snacking her perfect arse, I started to finger and juice up her arse before stopping holes and had my cock slowly entering her arse and fucked germ whilst rubbing her clit, we fucked liked this fir about fifteen minutes until I came and kept on until she had a very loud orgasm.

She stayed the night and fucked once more and in the morning. I drove her to work, and gave her a love bite on her neck before she left the car. I saw her on the Thursday and Friday. I hope to see her next week fir an afternoon. I love tight count and she has a sexy tight cunt and us a dirty fuck