Written by Claire_Smith

7 Mar 2008

Firstly I would like to thank all of you for the very positive remarks and kind complements I received regarding my last adventure. I’m happy to report that Mum and baby Kyla are doing well. I’m also back at work, and being me, that means being naughty!!!!

I was happy to return to work as we needed the cash, and also, as it was only part time, it gave me a chance to escape for a bit. Getting back into the groove also ensured I was speaking with my old customers again one of them in particular was a close friend. Bill was a customer in the States and was so lovely over the phone. He even gave Kyla a present when she was born. Anyway one morning when I got into work after a steaming row with Paul, I saw an email from him. He asked how I was and I bluntly replied “Fucking fed up”. Shortly after I got a reply from him asking how if I needed to chat. I went downstairs to the boardroom and called him. I opened my heart to him over the phone; explain about how I felt over Paul and the pressure of being a new Mum. He was so nice to me and we quickly became closer. Over the next few days we would speak constantly. Then I discovered that the company Paul and I were working for needed to send a delegation to see Bill’s.

We both couldn't believe our luck, finally after so long we could meet, and hopefully begin a new more open phase of our relationship. So I lobbied hard for me to be included on the trip, and after much persuasion they decided to send me. Paul would look after Kyla and I wouldn’t be gone too long, four days maximum.

I flew out on a Sunday wearing knee high boots, a short but respectable pencil skirt and jumper as Bill had informed me to expect the worse of an East coast winter. I kissed Paul and Kyla goodbye at the airport before setting off. It was hard leaving Kyla behind at such an early age.

During the flight I found myself getting more excited with each hour. The in-flight map didn’t help as I found myself getting more nervous and hornier the closer I was getting to America. Finally we touched down at night and the plane edged its way to the terminal. I was no so impatient; I had my belt undone and my phone secretly turned on.

As I sat waiting for the plane to come to a stop I could feel my phone vibrate in my hand with a bunch of texts from Bill. Finally we were allowed to leave and I ran to collect my bags, my healed boots skidding over the polished floor as I trotted to the baggage claim. I quickly tried to call but couldn’t get connected. The wait for my bag seemed like an eternity, and whilst I was there Bill finally got in contact, it was so good to hear his friendly voice I told him I wouldn’t be long and couldn’t wait to see him. Eventually after the longest 20 minutes my bag arrived and I grabbed it and dashed.

As it was a late flight and there was hardly a soul in the airport, apart from the odd cleaner and late night commuter however, I recognised Bill a mile off. He was tall with grey hair and an inviting small. I ran to him and kissed him as he held me tight. A passenger remarked “Now there’s a greeting”. After kissing him I mentioned I had to visit the ladies room.

We found one close by and I went in. As I was in there I locked myself in a cubicle and began to strip off to my boots. I then stuffed my clothes back into my bag. I walked out of the cubicle naked. I turned and admired myself in the mirror and thought "Bill should bloody well appreciate this". I then reapplied my makeup before putting on my coat on and buttoned it up. He wouldn’t know any the wiser!!

As I reappeared we linked arms and walked off to the car park. I smiled to myself, nervous about what I was about to do, after all Bill had not known or expected what I was going to do next. We caught a lift to the floor where Bill's car was parked and Bill kept on looking at me a smiling. He said "I can’t believe you're finally here” and “You look so fucking amazing". The lift arrived at the deck that Bill's car was on and I walked out of the lift first. Bill paused to carry my bag.

As I walked in front I began to unbutton my Jacket, Bill must have thought I was removing it for the drive, but as my bare shoulders appeared I heard Bill cheer, and drop my luggage. I turned my head smiled and winked at him before letting my coat fall to the floor. The cold east coast air greeted my body, caressing my legs and turning my nipples rock hard. But I didn't care; behind me was a man who adored what he could see.

I turned to face Bill naked and smiling. He looked dazed and awe struck at me. "We sure are going to have a lot of fun" he said. We raced to his car my tits moving all over the place whilst my heals clipping on the hard concrete floor and echoed around the car park. We arrived at his car, a nice BMW and he opened the door for me. I hoped in and snuggled into the leather seat. Bill stood outside furiously undoing his trousers and taking off his shirt. He eventually joined me in the car and helped me put the seat back.

I lay there legs open whilst Bill climbed on top of me. He looked into my eyes and I felt the tip of his hard cock nudge into my bare pussie. I was so fucking wet it just glided in. For an old guy Bill began to fuck me so hard. My tits were forced around my chest with each hard thrust he pushed into me. I could feel myself ready to cum instantly and clenched my legs tight around him before letting out a loud moan of pleasure.

Bill then asked me to get on all fours which I duly obliged. By using some of my juices he quickly thumbed my arsehole before slipping his cock so deep and so hard into there. I thought I was going to split with the pain. But shortly pain was replaced with pleasure as I began to moan again. Bill then grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. “Come on you fucking dirty English slut” he screamed as he banged my arse. “Who’s the American Daddy?” “You are” I obediently moaned. Then he yanked my head back until I was struggling to breathe before he unleashed a massive spurt of cum. I could feel it squirt deep into me arse and I screamed with ecstasy.

Bill climbed off my thoroughly violated body, cum began to start oozing out of me and trickling down my leg. As I turned over I had the shock of my life as looking at me was a parking attendant. He indicated me to wind down my window. Bill helped me find the switch and I did. I looked at him and smiled before asking in my nicest English accent “Is there a problem”. The guy who was Mexican replied “In America we don’t approve of this behaviour”. I began to panic “I’m sorry I said, what are the repercussions?” I replied nervously. “Well I can call he cops, or....” at this point Bill began to speak in Spanish to the guy. I was confused and really nervous. Bill then turned to me and said “He’s going to let us off. But I’ve explained you’ll suck him off”. The guy began to position himself at the window and unzipped his flies. Suddenly his olive skinned cock pocked at me. I leant forward and took it in my mouth. I began to deep throat him, slowly wanking his shaft when I could. Then I could feel his veins tighten in my mouth, he quickly pushed my head back and away from his cock before saying something in Spanish. Bill translated saying “He wants you to open your mouth”, I quickly obliged before the guy shot into my mouth as well as over my face and chest. He moaned as he wanked the last drops into my face. He mumbled a “Gracias” before zipping up and walking away.

I sat motionless in the car a complete strangers cum over my face and in my hair. Bill laughed and got dressed. We certainly were going to have a lot more fun!