Written by jock69uk

10 Feb 2011

Who would believe possessing a large cock could be a problem ? the first communal shower after sport and the laughing and name calling began ,I had never realised my tool was so different from other guys. They decided I was a total freak ,the piss taking was merciless and total ,and nicknames were created daily unfortunately the one that eventually stuck was "Donk " ,apparently an abbreviation of donkey dick ,how bleeding creative !!

During the next couple of years if anything it got worse ,the achieving of hardons for very little reason did nothing but focus attention on the now significant difference in size .I have to admit I felt a freak and hated playing sport ,swimming was an absolute no no ,in the end I took to wearing an athletic support at all times to try to diminish its size and appearance under clothing .

By the time I was 19 the danger was I would become a loner ,however the fact that a teenager requires money pushed me to getting a weekend job at a local riding stable .This in turn introduced me to a whole raft of new people who were gloriously unaware of my problem ,so not only did I earn some money I made new friends of both sexes ,the real bonus of working here was there were far more girls ,customers and employees .

Having worked weekends for three months I was summoned to the owners office ,Mrs Gibson always seemed pleasant ,but I had never spoken to her before ,her head groom had recruited me origionally ,so I wondered what I could have done wrong . She must have seen my expression and recognised my concern ,"don't worry ,I only want to establish whether you intend to carry on working here and whether you want extra hours in the holidays ?" .I quickly assured her I was keen to do both and she seemed pleased and said that in that case I would be provided with jods ,yard boots, polo shirts and fleece jacket .The stables had its own shop so she suggested we went to pick out the cloths immediately ,she accompanied me to clear the supply with the shop staff ,waiting as I tried on the cloths ,on the pretext of chatting with the staff ,but I got the impression she wanted to watch .I purposely got jods which were slightly oversize ,she said I needed a size down ,adding that jods should be close fitting ,I was conscious in the changing area my cock was visible in outline ,with judicious positioning however it wasn't to obvious as I walked back into the shop " much better " she murmured "I'll leave you to it ,wear the cloths from tomorrow and come and see me to fix the holiday hours " with that she left . As I returned to the shop the girl packed the new uniform "she doesn't usually help staff pick the uniform " she said ,a cheeky smile on her face ,laughing aloud as she noticed the blush spreading rapidly across my face "I won't tell anyone don't worry your secrets safe with me !!" as she passed me the bag

of clothing I couldn't get out of the shop quick enough .

The following day I turned up in the new gear ,very smart ,deciding to check in with Mrs Gibson before I started my chores ,she was already in her office and invited me in immediately .She asked me to take a seat and poured us both a coffee before returning to her desk ,she was certainly friendly ,offering me as much work in the holidays as I wanted ,and seemed pleased when I said I would work for the full six weeks as I was not going away .Agreeing the hours and new rate ,as I apparently was out of probation ,I was about to leave having finished my coffee ,"just two things "she said "firstly call me Shiela ,no need for formality ,and from now on I want you to look after the fodder loft " agreeing I left and went to clear the new role with the head groom .It was agreed that the loft would be the last job every day ,and I was required to ensure that enough fodder for each animal was in the stable area for the grooms to feed .

The day passed quickly and I was in the loft ,moving bales of hay across to the chute ,it was hot work and I was in only jods and vest ,having moved all the bales I was starting to load the chute when Sheila appeared in the loft ,"how's it going ?" she enquired ,as I answered I noticed she was staring at my crotch ,with all the lifting my cock was clearly outlined through the jods ,realising I was aware of her stare her eyes shifted to my face ,"well its all very impressive ,I'll leave you to finish up " with that she was gone . Thinking about her stare my cock started to harden and was now visible clearly through the fabric ,the more I worried about its visibility the harder it became ,I was so engrossed in trying to restore it to its semi hidden position I hadn't heard her return to the loft .The first I knew of her presence was when she spoke ,"why don't you let me do that ?" not waiting for me to speak she removed my hand from inside the jods ,lowering the zip fly her hand found its target " god it's huge ,you lucky boy ,help me get it out ", when I had produced the full length she knocked my hand away ,and standing beside me her hand closed around the shaft "I had better make this soft again " wanking me slowly I became rock hard ,veins blue against the shaft.Her strokes quickly brought a climax ,spunk shot from my cock in great white globs ,shocks of pleasure coursed through my body as each jet left me ,her strokes slowed and then stopped as the spunk finally stopped ,cleaning the tip of my prick with her hankie she started to feed my shrinking dick back into the jods ,"I'm going to come and check on you every afternoon if that's OK with you?" I just nodded "by the time you go back to college you'll be able to last for much longer !! ........