Written by jock69uk

13 Feb 2011

As I lay in bed that night I could not loose the erotic sight of an older woman wanking me off ,consequently I yet again had a raging hard on .However the one image I could clearly see was Mrs Gibson's face as she first saw my cock ,and the fact that she made no disparaging remarks ,in fact she just whispered "my lord " as I released the full length from my jods .Having given myself the relief I desperately required I fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring and whether Mrs G would appear as promised in the loft !!

I had only been in work for half an hour when Sally the head groom found me mucking out some stalls "what the hell have you been up to?" she asked, before I could reply "Mrs G wants you straight away so don't hang about she's in a strange mood this morning " .Imagining the worst I ran across the yard and into the admin block ,wiping my hands on the back of my jods before knocking on her door ,She smiled as I entered "good morning ,someone,s on the ball this morning,coffee ?" I nodded my reply , as she finished pouring my coffee she turned and handed it to me "don't look so worried ,I only want to see that glorious cock again ,and I can't possibly wait all day ,so drink that and get it out for me ". My face must have been a picture as I drained the tepid coffee in one, smiling she started to approach " look you?re getting hard already,I'd better get him out before he explodes again ,now you just sit on the edge of my desk " ,as I perched against the desk edge she lowered the zip down and slid her hand through the gap ,a tight fist grasping my hardening shaft ,"you'll have to undo the waistband or I wont be able to get you out" as soon as I had released the clip she had me out ,my full length standing to attention ,helped by her hands running up and down its length,her eyes never leaving my cock ,finally she spoke "young man you are very lucky ,that is without doubt the finest weapon I have ever had the pleasure of seeing ,it's a fucking cracker "without further comment she started to wank the shaft ,slowly at first but gradually increasing both the pace and the length of her strokes ,in my excitement I had placed my hand on her thigh,as she was perched to my left against the desk ,knocking it away with her free hand "I'll tell you when and how I want touching" never loosing her rhythm she continued to work on my shaft " have you fucked any of my girls yet ? " she asked ,noticing that my breathing was getting faster ,"I 've never fucked a girl " I moaned in reply enjoying the intense pleasure her attention was bringing .She stopped ensuring I didn't spill my load to quickly ,"well young man with a cock like this if they find out you'll be fucked senseless ,so be care full " with that she started her gentle rubbing again her small hand now lightly covering the purple knob ,then sliding down the shaft ,suddenly she released me but only briefly as she picked a bottle from her desk , she sprayed the pink cream into the palm of her hand before rubbing it gently into and over the knob .The liquid was slightly sticky and cold ,but felt exquisite as she gently screwed her hand just around my throbbing knob ,within seconds I was ready to explode ,"Mrs Gibson I'm going to come " ignoring my comments she kept going ," now darling just hold it a little longer ,it'll be better for you I promise ",all the while moving her hand faster around the knob ,now silky with her cream ,sensing my imminent explosion she pulled me to my feet placing her free hand in front off my prick .In a second it was happening ,my dick was pulsing ,discharging endless streams of come into her free hand as she milked me dry for a second time "the joy of a young boy " she murmured as she looked at her hand covered in spunk ,passing me some tissues she started to clean herself up "Christ we have stallion's here who don't come that much ,do you think you will have made some more for this evening for our next little game?" by know I felt far more confident "I'll have some by lunch !!" watching intently as I dressed "I'm sure you will ,but you'll just have to wait ,now back to work"

The morning passed quickly and having finished the last stall I walked to the rest room and made a brew ,before going to sit in the sunshine watching Sally schooling a new horse . God she had a fantastic arse ,the tight jods clinging to her thighs like a second skin ,watching her I realised my cock was stiff as hell again ,to make things worse Sally called across "come and lead me into the stables" as I walked over I attempted to hide the bulge with my hands ,but frankly without much success ,"fucking hell what have you got down there " she sniggered ,slipping off her gilet she threw it down to me ,"cover up ,you'll frighten the bloody horse ,never mind me " I could fell the burning in my cheeks ,without speaking I led them into the stable ,sensing my discomfort Sally spoke " I was only kidding ,give me a lift to get the horse ready and I'll make us a brew " as she slid from the saddle ,she gave me a peck on the cheek "still mates " she enquired, nodding I passed the gillet back and went to get the brush and comb .we were quickly into the routine and the horse looked good as new ,I was still embarrassed and had said very little ,"listen I hope I haven't offended you " Sally said ,"I was only having a bit of fun ," then laughing she added "but if ever you need help getting rid of one of those I'm your girl" with that bombshell she went to make tea .

Fortunately I avoided being alone with Sally for the rest of the day ,needing some time to think of how I should respond to her remark,until at 4 pm I went up into the loft ,quickly followed by Mrs Gibson ," go home now and tell your parents you will be working late tonight ,but don't come back here until 6 pm when all the others have gone,I'll meet you here with your surprise !!" with that she left ,quickly loading the feed onto the belt and distributing it into the stable area I too left for home .

Arriving back as instructed after 6 ,I ran up the stairs into the loft finding Mrs Gibson sat on a bale of hay ,she was in her full riding out to hounds gear ,and very smart to .The white jods clinging to her shapely legs ,until they met the highly polished boots ,her black hacking jacket superbly cut to show her very good body ,which she normally hid beneath fleeces . Watching me closely she spoke ,"well how do I look ? am I making the monster stir ?" a filthy smile crossing her face ,as she removed the jacket I could see that she was not wearing a shirt suitable for the hunt ,it was silk and transparent and allowed a perfect view of her lace clad breasts .Without her jacket I could see how trim her figure was ,and her backside was peachy and firmly pert ,considering her age .By now my cock was pushing against my jods desperate to be in her grasp ," as she put her jacket down and started to unbutton her shirt she looked across "take all you cloths off ,everything ,I want to see you in all your glory " ,I quickly shed all my cloths watching closely as she slowly removed her shirt ,for the first time she was prepared to show me some of her body . God what a body as she stood before me her eyes devouring the view of my young body ,totally naked my cock thrusting forward ,it visibly moving as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and release her large breasts .She was obviously pleased with both the view and my reaction to her partial nudity ,"take my coat and spread it across the bale ,then lie on it " ,quickly following her instructions I prostrated myself to her ,ensuring my prick ,her prize was rampant for her .I now realised this cock held the key to her body ,and eventually I would be instructed to unlock her ,but only in her time ,straddling the bale she placed my pole between her breasts ,rocking gently to apply pressure with her tits .As she came forwards her mouth came perilously close to its tip ,but never opened to taste the end ,in fact she was only teasing me to increase her power ,but now I started to slide my cock deeper between her orbs "Can I touch " I asked respectfully ,"of course " guiding my hands to her nipples before returning hers to the breasts keeping pressure on my cock .Her nipples grew hard and when hard were massive ,releasing them I begged her to lean forward and put them to my lips ,this she did smiling ,loving her apparent power ,having allowed me a minute or so of suckling she pulled back " stand up " she ordered ,as I stood I purposely touched her cheek with my cock ,apologising immediately ,apparently horrified at my mistake .Turning me around to face away from her she stood directly behind me ,her nipples hard in my back.her arms around the front her hands locked onto her pride and joy ,as she started to wank I could feel her lips on my skin ,"fuck this is a magnificent cock ,what do you want me to do " she whispered,I answered truthfully "I want you to show me how to fuck" I was rewarded with a kiss on my back and a deep groan from her throat " not tonight ,but soon" she replied placing my hand inside her waistband "feel how wet you make me" she groaned " put your fingers inside " pushing her hips forward to ensure I did . Her bush was warm and damp ,my fingers easily sliding into the silky wet interior ,she gasped as her clit rubbed against my index finger "keep it there ,that's it ,Christ that feels good " as her pleasure mounted so her speed on my cock increased .I had to hold her hand otherwise I would be spraying spunk all over her jacket ,she was grinding her pussy hard on my hand bringing her climax in the process ,my soaking fingers slipped from her and as I removed my hand from her clothing she moved me to face her ,beginning to wank me furiously ," come on ,me " she demanded " let me have it ,you wank and let me watch " removing her hand her eyes fixed on my cock as my large hand circled just below the purple bulb ,"yes ,let me have it" she hissed as I stroked long smooth action ,quickly reaching the time to come ,without warning I shot the first wad onto her chest and watched it slide down her cleavage as the second jet hit below her chin ,at this she growled "let me finish you off " removing my hand to replace it with both hers ,she stripped every last drop from me ,kneading my balls making sure every last drop was hers .Selatitiously licking her lips she lay back on the bales now you can look after me .....