Written by jock69uk

16 Mar 2011

Returning from the shower I found my cloths laid out on the bed ,obviously expected to dress I dried off and slipped into my cloths ,before joining Jan back in the lounge. Whilst I had showered she had changed surprisingly going for the demur look ,black long sleeve shirt ,long black skirt and black patent heels ,finishing her drink she informed me that we were dining out ,which surprised me as it was nearly midnight .As we descended in the lift I found out we were eating chinese and also her driver was waiting in reception ,she certainly lived the high life and seemed out to impress .The limo had only been travelling for five minutes when we arrived in chinatown ,Jan asked the driver to wait for our return and I followed her into the building ,the reaction of the staff indicated she ate here regularily ,her favourite champagne arrived within seconds of us sitting at our table and I never saw her order and yet the food arrived within minutes .As we started on the dim sum she asked question after question seemingly interested in everything that I was doing ,particularily in the fact that I had taken a part time job in a bar ,seemingly unable to understand the requirement for additional income .I guess to to emphasise the difference in our world's the mains arrived one of which was lobster ,the other dover sole the cost of these two would probably be more than I would spend on a whole weekend's entertainment !!Having said that the champagne and food was perfect and she seemed impressed with my capacity for finishing food ,she was a very entertaining companion ,humourous ,chatty and totally interested in what I had done to date and what I wanted to do after Uni .As I finished my coffee she excused herself and went to the ladies room and then signed the bill as she returned through the bar waiting for me by the entrance .

The driver was waiting and opened the door as we descended the steps ,as she slid across the back seat her skirt opened to provide a fleeting glimpse of thigh above what appeared to be thigh length boots ,she rearanged her skirt happy in the knowledge that I had seen exactly what I was intended to see .As soon as I sat beside her she closed the curtain between us and the driver ,immediately straddling my thighs and forcing her tongue into my mouth as my hands cupped her breasts through her shirt I realised she was not wearing a bra but her tits were extremely firm ,"well young man I hope you are rested ,I need some serious sex so I hope you can manage me " as the car came to a stop I slid her from my lap immediately placing her hand on my rigid prick "I bet you want sleep before me !!" her hand squeezing my cock as I spoke .As the lift doors closed I started to unbutton her shirt Jan making no attempt to stop me ,as long as we did not stop mid ascent we were OK ,her penthouse the only one on that floor ,before we stopped at the penthouse her shirt lay on the floor .Her breasts were fantastic ,not huge but very full and shapely ,topped off with thick deep pink nipples ,her corset cut off to fit below her breasts but the combination of black satin and her milky skin was an amazing combination .As I worked my tongue and lips across her breasts she spoke "I knew you would love this look ,just wait untill I remove the skirt I think you'll come immediately !!" ,I was intrigued but as I tried to remove the skirt she stopped me .Apparently I was to remove all my clothing before she would remove anything else ,and entering the appartment I threw my cloths off ,desparate to see the spectacular sight lurking undreneath her long skirt "you're not keen then ? " her voice betraying her pleasure at having this effect on a young man .She led me to the huge sofa asking me to sit dead centre ,currently my cock was only semi stiff ,resting on the cushion between my parted thighs ,very slowly she started to unfasten the hem of her skirt .She was now only five feet from me ,standing directly in front she released the skirt ,revealing the full effect of her look ,the corset ending at her hips but highlighting her fantastic figure ,then a black silk thong tiny and just covering her pussy .The finishing touch was her long patent boots ,spike heels ,and the tops level with her holdups creating the elusion that her legs went on forever ,I was completely transfixed she was every teenagers vision of the ultimate sexual experience . As she had half predicted my dick was now rampant ,throbbing as blood rushed to its tip ,unconsciously my fist wrapped around its girth and started to pull down its length ,my eyes fixed on her as she placed one hand on the thong ,only for the material to part allowing her fingers to slide between her pussy lips .Suddenly she moved towards me having removed her fingers ,the hand glistening with her juice ,unwrapping my fist she opened her legs and inched forward each leg outside my thigh ,gently resting her backside on my knees she reached forward and lifting my throbbing shaft with both hands started to rub its tip against her silky ,wet fanny .Within a minute she had half its length inside ,vigorously rubbing the bulbous knob against her clitoris ,in danger of sending herself over the edge ,then she raised herself from my knee before squatting back down forcing the full length into herself "fuck you really are massive ,it's going to split me into two ,but fuck it feels glorious " . The conversation ended ,her eyes closing and breathing she concentrated on each deep penetration ,ensuring maximum pleasure from each length she took ,taking each of her nipples between finger and thumb and gently rolling them she started to convulse ,her hips aggresively thrusting downward as the feeling rippled through her body .As she came her whole body twitched as if electricity were spasmodically hitting her until she slumped back onto my knees ,a small smile crossing her lips as she settled onto my cock "are you going to get yours now ?" she whispered ,nuzzling her face into my neck .She eased herself from me then sat beside me on her sofa ,my cock hard as rock still glistening with her juices and requiring some serious attention ,standind I turned and held the tip to her lips "what about me ?" I enquired as she started to lick it like an icecream . It was very erotic ,standing above her looking down at her magnificent body ,shiny long boots and her mouth doing its best to swollow my knob ,but I was in need of feeling myself deep in her ,pulling back I eased her to her feet and leaned her over the sofas back. Pushing her legs apart I moved closer ,my shaft resting on her peachy arse ,throbbing in anticipation, waiting until her small hand wrapped around and guided me to her pussy,her gruff voice demanding sex .The tip burried I stopped then slid forward until just over half its length was inside her ,fucking her but holding back the inches she craved ,and yet her body still responding within minutes her breath short and obviously near satisfaction she moaned ,the loud, long moan of pure pleasure . Grasping my cock ,using my fist to stop full penetration I pounded into her ,my tight grip diminishing my own urge to come ,Jan another story gasping to her second climax ,and as she was just starting to shake I femoved my hand and slammed in the full length . Her reaction was incredible ,the noise deafening as she shouted calling me all the names under the sun ,yet she revelled in each long deep thrust ,her body shaking the climax seemingly going to last for ever ,one more push and I felt my balls tighten as spunk oozed from me ,uncontrollable as jet after jet went deep into her body .With each jet another deep thrust driving her breath from her ,little gasps "yes ohh yes ",no question she just loved a good humping ,nothing complicated she seemed to know what she wanted and appeared to be loving every second .By the time I rested forward across her spent ,she was like a rag doll slumped over the sofa ,breathing deep gathering herself,I pulled away my dick slurped from her ,god I had shot loads into her and it was escaping as the plug was removed . She could sense the leakage and stood ,turning towards me she smiled "young man that was lovely ,I have never had a feeling like that and I thought it wasn't going to stop ,clever clever boy " ,as she walked to the bathroom I couldn't take my eyes from her ,she looked so fucking hot ,and the way she moved her arse she knew it .

Whist she showered I lay across her massive bed ,her room bigger than my lounge ,the bed opposite the window which took up the full wall ,offering a fantastic view over the city ,and not requiring any blinds as you could not be overlooked .Hearing the door I looked to the bathroom as she entered ,what a transformation ,her hair and makeup both completely immaculate ,now dressed in red lingerie ,red holdups and red shoes as ever the heels high ,she slowly walked to the bed her hips gyrating ,the vision ensuring my prick once again lifted to attention .Without a word she knelt beside me on the bed ,her hands fondling ,balls and prick recieving her full attention ,"reach into the drawer and pass the oil " she ordered ,splashing a liberal amount on my stomach before smearing it around balls and prick . Now her hands slid around bringing pleasure with every touch then she grasped the shaft with each hand ,one above the other and yet a good 4 inches poked from the top ,"just fucking look at that ,jesus no wonder it feels so good " as she stared I had to move otherwise her ministrations would result in her recieving a full load .Laying her across the bed I eased her knickers from her legs as she removed her bra ,then I slid between her thighs ,her pussy smooth the lips already slick with her juice ,as my tongue entered it was obvious that she was just as turned on as I ,her clit stiff and with only minimal attention her hips started to raise from the bed as yet again she climaxed .Before her hips lowered I came to my knees and slid my cock inside ,one clean long push forcing her back to the bed ready to be fucked ,as I thrust deep her legs raised and clamped around my ribs ,Jan was like a teenager ready to shag whenever the opportunity arose ,she just loved it !. A more animated and vocal partner was difficult to imagine as she clamped her legs tight her hips meeting every thrust "yes ,fuck me ohh don't slow down ,make me come " she was meeting the thrusting with ease now ,sliding to my knees I grabbed two pillows and slid them under her arse ,lifting her pussy high from the bed .Feeding back into her I took her ankles and raised her legs high, holding them wide as I started a new rythm ,her reaction amazing ,now I was dipping deeper ,the pillows working there magic "ohh god I can't take it ,you bastard it's ohhh my god " as I picked up speed she just groaned but when I placed her legs on my shoulders and fucked faster her climax seemed to explode deep inside ,she was lost as I continued ramming her, shoulders rolling as the convulsions rippled through her .Her pleasure carried through and I could feel the sap starting to rise ,she must have recognised that I was ready ,dropping her legs " shoot on my tits ,let me see you come " her voice almost pleading ,after maybe 1 minute I withdrew slowly and deliberately before kneeling directly above her .As I grasped my cock glistening with her juice she groaned "do it slowly ,let me watch and tell me how you feel " she seemed entranced watching my fist slipping up and down the shaft ,licking her lips in anticipation of what was to come .When I told her I was ready to come on her she raised her body on her elbows "lean forward shoot on my face and tits ,let me have your cream do it ,let me taste you " before she finished speaking the first jet hit her chest and neck ,the second allready heading towards her covering her tits . As I continued wanking she sat up placing her lips to my knob ,letting the last dregs slip into her mouth ,licking any spillage from her lips ," let's get some sleep ,I feel absolutely drained ,my fanny is on fire and I need some sleep " ,sliding between the sheets we kissed before she snuggled into me and quickly fell asleep .....