Written by jock69uk

31 Mar 2011

Jan woke me with hot strong coffee and toast ,joining me in bed to enjoy breakfast . As we ate she chatted, finally getting to the real subject she wanted to discuss " I want you to leave your job and come to me ,I'll pay your wages " I was intrigued "doing what ?" I enquired ,"me " her only response ,grinning from ear to ear ," the three nights you work now ,you can come and fuck me and I'll pay for the privilege !! " fucking hell she wanted me to go on the game ,sensing my dismay she passed me a small book ,"this is yours " watching intently as I looked inside .The numbers jumped from the page £500 the entry ,before I could speak her voice filled my ears "it's a bank account I opened for you ,that's for last night , the overnight rate ,it's £200 if you don't stay over ,is that OK ?" . I was speechless ,£500 was more than I would earn in a month at the bar ,and in truth I would have been happy fucking her for free ,these thoughts were interrupted as her mouth engulfed the flaccid knob ,as she worked on my prick I could watch her shapely arse bobbing up and down as her mouth worked its magic .She got me so bloody hard it almost hurt ,the knob throbbing in anticipation ,quickly she positioned herself over the shaft and slowly slid down it's length ,gasping as it stretched her fanny wide ,"fuck I'm sure it's bigger this morning" ,gasp or not she quickly started to ride its full length .It was incredible to watch Jans face ,as her pleasure increased a permanent smile appeared ,her breathing became shorter and then her muscles tensed as she brought herself to climax ,with closed eyes her riding slowed as the tingling pleasure rippled through her loins .Lifting her off I knelt beside her ,then gently easing her thighs apart I took position behind ,easing the swollen knob glistening with her juice ,between her pussy lips just nudging the tip inside stopping for a second allowing her to drop her shoulders to the bed ,ready to accept the first deep thrust .Grasping her hips I eased into her ,a low moaning escaping with each push of my cock ,initialy slow ,deliberate long strokes opening her gently yet still making her juices run again ,as her pleasure grew she became more vocal and demanding . All she required now was a good fucking ,her demands basic and insistant ,fulfilling her wishes I pulled her back onto me with each thrust again taking her over the edge as she trembled to climax again .Pulling from her I lay her down on her back ,quickly sliding back inside her juicy pussy holding her legs open as I built to my own release ,gripping her ankles I lift her legs over my shoulders ,now her arse was off the bed allowing deep plunges to rip her pussy wide ,ready to accept my load which was bubbling just below the surface .A few more deep strokes and I exploded my balls soaking with her juice as spunk flooded her fanny ,gushing with each thrust now pushing out and onto her thighs sticky and warm ,lowering her legs I slump forward weight on my elbows sucking air deep into my lungs ,"so do we have a deal ?" she whispered sliding her tongue into my ear ," definitely I'll ring them now !!"