Written by jock69uk

3 Apr 2011

The following month flew by ,Uni was busy but enjoyable and Jan a demanding employer ,requiring very specific attention 3 times a week . Her circle of friends provided a regular round of parties and dinners and Jan always insisted I accompany her ,never worrying about the obvious age difference ,and in fairness her friends were always very polite and welcoming .My arrangement with Jan was brilliant ,the payments regular and best of all the sex incredible ,she required only one thing, hard sex ,foreplay not in her agenda she wanted fucking hard and often and for that she paid well and was the most charming ,thoughtful companion ,always looking after me and opening up new experiences .

As usual on a Saturday evening we were at house party in Cheshire ,the usual group were in attendance and as ever the hospitality was first rate ,now at the end of the evening the majority of guests were worse for wear and waiting in groups for taxi's to arrive . Having enjoyed more than my fair share of champagne I went across to the pool house to use the loo as the ones in the main building seemed permanently engaged,as I entered the building I bumped into the most beautiful woman who seemed totally lost .She was stunning ,dressed in a vivid red dress that showed her wonderful figure ,but the highlight was her gorgeous face what a stunner ,I told her to wait while I used the loo and then I would escort her back to the party . Having used the facilities I joined her sat by the pool and waited until she finished her cigarette ,before offering my arm smiling she slipped hers through mine and got to her feet "what a gentleman ,I'm Susan by the way " gripping my arm tightly as we made our way to the house ,before joining her friends she pecked me on the cheek and left me to find Jan .Whilst we waited for our cab I was left under no illusions as to what a bastard Susan's husband was ,according to Jan that is ,Susan had been a friend for years and deserved better apparently ,"anyway what did you think of her ?" I could only reply that she was stunning .Once in the cab Jan cuddled in close and for the whole journey had my cock in a state of constant and painful arousal ,either by the manipulation of her fingers or whispering what she wanted me to do to her when we got home ,ignoring completely the drivers stares as she rubbed vigorously on the front of my trousers .As the lift ascended she was unbuttoning my shirt so that within seconds of entering the flat we were both naked ,Jan draped over the sofa insisting I entered her from behind ,in fact her actual words were "ram it in me now !!" .As ever she was damp and easily took the full length ,as it slid in she slightly altered her stance to get better penetration and more sensation on her clit ,"fuck me hard big boy ,you fucking know what I want ,make me scream " her voice deep ,her words increasing the force and speed of my lunges "that's it ,fucking hell you're hitting the spot ,this is what Susan wants ,a good hard shag " .At the mention of her name I had visions of her shapely body taking my length ,which is precisely what Jan had intended "that's it give her a good fucking ,she'll fucking love it " ,then she began to tremble as the climax gathered inside her "fuck I'm coming god it's wonderful ,don't stop keep me going" .Within seconds however Jan pulled away until my cock slipped from her ,the throbbing climax to great for her to sustain ,beads of sweat glistening on her back ,I picked her up and deposited her onto the sofa then moving between her thighs slid back inside her .As she groaned I began to very slowly move in and out ,which I knew would drive her mad ,"this is what Susan would like not wham bam like you " ,her eyes wide she replied immediately ,"what she wants young man is fucking just like I love it ,she's already told me " these words ensured that I was ramming her like a steam engine ,laughing realising she had me hooked "yeeees thats better fucking hell you're splitting me in two you big bugger ,this is just how she'll want it " .Now she had me going I had lost it and was slamming into her ,each thrust driving her breath away as the pulsating shaft drilled her ,I could feel it throbbing as the spunk welled up bursting into her in long hot jets ,"yes let me have it all ,this is what she wants as well ,but this is all mine " her words forcing more fluid from me until eventualy I stopped ,exhausted and completely spent . She kissed my ear ,"lets get to bed I'm absolutely knackered " following her I climbed into her bed ,cock still aching from its pounding ,Jan pulled tight to my body already asleep .

I awoke to an empty bed ,Jan I could hear was in the shower washing away the aches from last nights sex ,and god did I ache ,my thighs were covered in the remnants of sex ,spunk mixed with her juices long since dried ,sliding from her bed I opened the door "leave the shower on I'll get one after you " .Whilst I luxuriated under the steaming jets of water Jan made toast an coffee ,the aroma ensuring I cut short the shower ,entering the kitchen still drying myself I received my usual kiss and of course her fingers found my still damp dick ,she was fucking insatiable "I can still feel last night ,you were very forcefull ,just how I like it I wonder what got you going ??" before I could answer her phone rang "Hi Susan ,we were just talking about you " whilst I drank coffee they chatted as only women do ,subjects appearing to change every second ,"he'd love to see you ,christ he nearly split me in two last night when I mentioned your name " .Before I could say a word she had arranged it ,my first appointment with another woman ,more importantly a woman I did not know ,"oh stop worrying ,trust me she has the hots for you and you've got the equipment to give exactly what she needs ,if she gets what I got last night ,then you will have a new client !!" When we finished breakfast I was about to dress "don't dress just wear your boxers ,she's in a rush this morning and anyway let her see a little of what she's going to get ,trust me she won't be able to keep her hands off you ".

Whilst Jan dressed I lounged around and I have to admit I was seriously nervous ,Jan made a coffee and sat with me awaiting her friends arrival ,"just relax and be yourself ,and don't dare fuck her in our bed " her words made me laugh ,our bed ,she was the strangest lady . Her mobile rang "hi yes I'll be down in a second " ,pecking my cheek she arose "she's in reception ,I'll send her up and see you later " then she was gone ,as the sound of the lift vanished I felt suddenly vulnerable walking through to the kitchen to grab more coffee . I was just walking through when Susan appeared ,"Hi I hope I'm not to early " her eyes smiling ,but firmly fixed on my groin area ,she looked gorgeous ,casualy dressed her hair in a pony tail she still looked a million dollars ,I could feel myself twitching as my mind was already undressing her .She two noticed my reaction ,"this is for you " offering me the envelope ," I think it's best that you hold on to that until afterwards ,then give it me if you are happy " replacing it in her bag she moved toward me "shall I take off my cloths ?" I nodded and led her to the sofa .Whilst I sat she eased off her sweater and then her jeans to reveal red lace underwear ,red was obviously her colour ,as she was abour too remove her bra I noticed she had replaced her heels when removing her jeans, and secondly her briefs were dark red between her legs ,she was more excited than I .Her breasts were small but firm ,nipples deep pink and already stiff ,she was now standing directly in front of me as she hooked her thumbs inside her briefs before easing them away from her hips ,exposing a smooth ,freshly shaved pussy the lips swollen in anticipation .She was obviously very pleased with her body and stood allowing me a good long look ,my cock now straining in the boxers ,pulling her beside me I placed her hand over the swollen shaft ,her eyes wide as she felt its size ,then standing I reached inside and revealed it to her ,resting the knob on her cheek ,her eyes looking down its full throbbing length .At first she was motionless then her fingers traced its dimensions "she said you were big but fucking hell its massive ,I don't think you'll fit it in me " opening her thighs I sunk to my knees putting my face to her ,my tongue flicking inside and finding her clit gently starting to make her relax the tension draining from her ,slipping her legs over my shoulders as I probed deeper "ohhhh thats nice ,dont stop I'm coming ohhhhh yeeeees its here" gently bucking as the pleasure rippled through her slim body . Now was the time ,easing her forward I rested the knob on her pussy using my hand to ease it slowly between her moist lips she gasped as it stretched her wide ,"can I ride you ,let me get on top " she was off the sofa in a flash making way for me to lie down ,climbing on top immediately her hands finding the throbbing cock guiding it to her pussy she eased herself onto ,and beyond the purple knob ,panting as she squeezed herself down the shaft.Even though she rode she could not bring herself to take the full length ,just easing a little more than half its length inside her ,her breathing becoming faster as she rubbed her clit on the bulbous knob " do you want me to come on top ?" I asked her "let me help you relax " ,without waiting for her reply I eased her from me laying her down and quickly slid back into her "now lift your legs and open them as wide as you can " .I watched as she instantly did as asked "please dont hurt me " a pleading look on her face ,"just relax you will love it I promise " gently sliding in and out, quickly passing half length and beyond ,her hips lifting to meet the gentle probing unaware that she was now taking most of its length.Amazingly in minutes she was pushing hard against each thrust "yes fuck me ,give it me ohhhh my lord it's bloody fantastic ,christ I'm coming again " her voice trembling with emotion ,her hands locked behind my neck lifting her body against mine ,as I continued to slide into her I could feel her tremble as pleasure continued to spasm inside her.Even though her body demanded it I did not feel confident to hammer into her ,she wasa taking it but was tense ,better to just get her used to taking it all deep and full "come inside me ,please come I'm going to burst ,my god I can't take much more " her legs locked around my back her pussy milking the come from deep inside me ,"give it me ,don't hold back let me have it ,shoot deep into me" as her legs pulled me deep into her ensuring not a drop was missed .For minutes she kept me locked to her ,kissing my neck and chest but refusing to allow my body to slip from her "thankyou that was just so good ,will you let me come again? " I smiled ,just then I slid from her ,spunk oozing onto my balls ,her hand quickly covering her pussy to prevent further spillage ,"pass my knickers I don't want to ruin Jan's carpet ,I must have a pint inside me " .Clamping the knickers to her she collected her cloths and retired to the bathroom ,surprisingly she did not shower ,just dressed quickly and returned the envelope back in her hand "take this ,it was worth every penny and more ,can we meet every week ?" taking the money I placed it on the table unopened "I'll see you whenever you want ,but at my place not Jan's ,is that OK ?" .

Susan chatted easily until Jan returned ,I retired to the kitchen to make coffee then excused myself to take a shower as I was sure they desired to chat alone . I took my time enjoying the scalding jets re invigourating my body lathering then allowing the jets to clear everything producing shiny clean skin ,as I soaped my balls I could see that already I was growing ,ready again wishing Jan were with me ,needing to take her as only she likes hard and fucking deep . Just thinking about it made me ramrod stiff ,just then the door opened ,Jan entered and seeing the stiff cock smiled "get on this fucking bed and stick that fucker inside me ," within seconds I was on her ,spreading her legs and pushing the full hard length up inside her body . I attached no significance that she had lain across the bed for now she had me trapped in her honey pot ,sex was primeval with Jan ,you could imagine this is how it was in the days of the cave man ,you found a woman and then ravaged her before anyone else could . This was how she took her sex but today she was even more urgent her mouth clamped to mine as her hips pounded into me ,"I want you to fucking devour me ,can you do that ?" each word was punctuated with a firm thrust ,I had to smile ,so that's how she wants it ,reaching back I grasped her ankles then lifted her legs high before spreading them as wide as she could manage .The look of surprise was fantastic "you absolutely know I can shag you till you can't stand don't you " each slow word hammered home with a stab of cock ,"well don't you ?" now I was slamming balls deep ,her legs wide, stretching her pussy, balls picking up her juices with each thrust . Now her legs went over my shoulders and with my arms taking my weight I leaned forward her arse off the bed ,pussy upright receiving the deep thrusts ,her head was rolling from side to side "Oh god ,you are fucking devouring me,christ I'll never walk again " and yet still the pounding continued "Ohhhh yeeees I'm on fire ,Susan can you see what you can expect " I ignored what she said ,that is until the voice behind me spoke "Oh yes ,my lord hurt ,I can see his massive dick opening you up ,ramming into you non stop ?" now Susan was on the bed beside me ,"no it doesn't hurt ,it's fucking fantastic ,it makes me turn to jelly ,take it out I want you to wank on me " . Though she was looking at me I think she was talking to Susan ,so I withdrew ,but not fully both Jan and I looking at Susan ,waiting until her slender hand reached across and grasped the slimy shaft ,then I eased back allowing the knob to escape ,"wank him on me Susan ,let's watch him shoot " . Jan had raised herself and was sat upright as Susan's hand continued to rub viusly around the purple knob ,"I'll hold his balls while you milk him Susan ,quick look he's going to come you're bringing him off " . I am sure Susan could feel the spunk starting to rise ,"Jan he's going to shoot I can feel it coming ,squeeze his sack " as she spoke the first white glob launched from her fist ,arched across and splattered on Jans tits ,now the little fist wanked for all it was worth ,depositing more and more spunk over her friends body .Before the torrent finaly stopped Susan lowered her mouth and took the last remnants into her mouth ,swallowing then cleaning the tip with her tongue ,"Jan I'm going now ,thanks for a very special morning ,we realy will have to do this again " then turning to me "and you, we have to do this and quickly ,call me " then she was gone .