Written by jock69uk

30 Jan 2013

I felt her back arch as I pushed deep inside ,that first tight penetration, her body rigid .She was not like the usual guest at Jan's parties ,usually the ladies were 40+ this one was I guess not much older than me ,very slim with hardly any bust ,just the opposite in fact to the first fuck of the evening .Heather was 50 today and her present to herself was me apparently ,she had organised with Jan that I would have sex with her at this ,the last party of the year ,and my lord did she enjoy her present ,having removed her dress to expose a very expensive and sexy corset she quickly removed my clothing and apparently oblivious to the rest of the guests started to use her mouth on me .Within seconds my cock was stood to attention ,10 inches and throbbing eager to get inside her ,her actions obviously stimulated the other guests as all around couples prepared to have sex ,all except for her ,the slim girl ,she just watched as Heather tried in vain to fit my cock in her mouth . I could not wait any longer I lay on the carpet pulling Heather to me ,guiding my prick to her already swollen pussy ,before I could lift my hips she slid onto my shaft taking the full length instantly "fucking hell I'm going to burst " however burst or not she then proceeded to ride like a mad woman, groaning as each length slid inside until she had brought her climax ,then she slumped forward her ample breasts pushed into my chest . Now was the time to deliver her real present ,easing from beneath her I placed her on all fours and opened her legs ,guiding my tool into her gaping gash ,at first just the scarlet knob ,waiting a few seconds before pushing all of me inside ,I made sure each thrust went deep into her ,my balls hard against her arse before pulling back .It appeared she was having orgasms every dozen thrusts ,her head rolling around the moaning just getting louder ,still the slim girl watched ,and yet showing no reaction ,as Heather moaned I felt myself coming to the boil ,warning her I was ready her only comment was to come inside her ,and man did I come .Each push brought a huge jet from me ,the next push forcing it from her only to replace it yet again ,she was the type of lady that made my juices flow ,by the time I finished she was gasping for breath ,as I slid out she cupped her hand over her fanny as she was leaking profusely .Whilst she went to clean up I went to the kitchen for a drink ,waiting until Heather returned and replaced her dress before passing her a glass of wine ,she knew I was returning home for the summer but asked if I was free the following evening as she was having a birthday celebration for a few friends ,obviously I agreed she indicated the arrangements were in the envelope with my "tip" .

Within a few minutes Heather left and I remained alone in the kitchen finishing my drink ,I had just put the envelope into a drawer when the girl had appeared and taking my drink from me drained the contents in one .Asking her if she wanted a drink ,I poured one for myself ,she declined and yet started to share mine ,I tried to engage her in conversation all to no avail ,her answers monosyllabic ,I was about to leave her when she finally spoke "unzip my dress please " I was bemused, turning her back she offered the zip ,"please " . The dress slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor ,her underwear was tiny ,black gossamer material that was totally transparent ,she removed her bra and thong "fuck me now " taking my hand leading me back to the lounge she lay back and invited me onto her .After that first thrust she seemed to relax ,her pussy tight around my cock ,a delicious feeling and yet her face showed no emotion,it was both unnerving and unusual,I changed the pace ,pushed deep just used the tip and still no reaction .Watching her face for a trace of any emotion as I slid endlessly into her ,it was only as I leaned forward to whisper in her ear that her expression changed ,I had lifted her hips slightly when I moved and the next stroke made her moan only slightly ,but clearly audible .For a second her expression had changed ,slipping both hands beneath her tiny backside her hips were tilted upwards and each stroke raked across her clit ,the change immediate ,within seconds her long slim legs locked around my back ,now she thrust into each stroke meeting my efforts with her own passion . Fortunately most people had left as her language was both choice and at full volume,from this slim girl a wildcat emerged ,her climax noisy ,long and impressive as I approached mine I pushed harder and deeper "don't come inside ,let me watch " her words barely finished as I hurriedly pulled from her ,and resting it on her belly leaked my own fluid .Even though neither of us touched my cock jet after jet spewed across her body ,my excitment had been so intense ,her groans exciting as she watched my juices escape .Without a word she stood gathered her cloths and went to the bathroom ,finding me inthe kitchen on her return "how much ?" I looked at her quisically ,"well how much to fuck me ?" her anger surfacing ,"it was my pleasure " with that I walked from her into the bathroom and locked the door .Having showered and dressed I went to make a coffee ,only Jan remained "who the fuck was she ?" I asked ,she looked surprised ,the kind of look which infered I was winding her up ,"are you kidding me ? it was Emma ,Doreens daughter !!".