Written by Jane Again

21 Jul 2008

For years now I’ve gone commando whenever I wear my jeans. It’s more comfortable and yes of course it does feel quite sexy, particularly when my jeans are newly washed and nice and tight. More recently I’ve been leaving my knickers off with all of my trousers and I’ve just got used to it and its normal now.

A couple of weeks ago, I wore a pair of mustard coloured trousers that are very tight and made of very thin fabric. Until a short while ago, I’d never worn them to work and on the day I put them on, I hadn’t really give it too much thought. What a fuss I caused, although I suppose with hindsight I could have predicted it.

Now as I have given it more consideration, it was obvious that I was commando on that day. The trousers are thin and tight and quite low on the hip and they don’t really have a waistband as such. They have a zip at the side and fit me like a second skin. Until that day, I’d only ever worn them for nights out.

While we were having coffee, one of the girls I work with noticed that she could see the label at the side of my hip through the material but there was no sign of a VPL. As a joke she made a comment to the others we were sitting with that I wasn’t wearing knickers and that was it; the place was in uproar. Just about everyone was taking the mick out of me for the rest of the day.

At first I was so self conscious and I felt myself go bright red. I couldn’t deny it because she was right, I didn’t have any knickers on and I would never have been able to convince her, or anyone else that I had. I had no option but to brave it out. Which I did. Even now, almost three weeks later, I still get a few comments from a few people but it’s mostly settled down and sorted itself out now.

I never have thought that I could become the star of the office just by leaving my knickers off.