Written by JohnnDeb

15 May 2011

Having taken the kids back to the fair after tea last night, Deb saw Tom and told him she'd be back later, but Tom was rather busy just then, so nothing happened.

We could not really get the Grandparents to watch the kids as a well used Deb getting home late would be hard to explain, so, I stayed home again, Deb removed my hard on and left around 10.15. As she got home well worn out she is explaining as I type.

First problem was avoiding some people Deb knows, being on her own would be hard to to talk around, so it was a few minutes before she located Tom, who waved her over and sent her off with one of the guys from last night, an early 20 something, who took her to the same caravan, and she had to slap his hand off her arse twice on route. No sooner had they entered than someone else came in, also from last night, a little older. Deb had worn another front fastening summer frock for sake of ease, and this quickly went to reveal no underware, why bother when you know it will dissapear!

Deb was put accross the bed so her head hung down and was fed a smooth and clean tasting cock, that she had to treat carefully as it was quite long, and the other guy began to finger her hole, while the one in her mouth fondled her tits. The door opened and Tom plus one came in, the plus one said something about hairy mounds and shaving the growler, and a buzzing began. They were going to shave Deb and she was too full in the mouth to give an opinion, but the sensation was turning her on, they would use the blunt end on her clit now and then until she was done.

As soon as the buzzing stopped someone shoved a cock straight in and began to fuck her with long strokes. The cock in her mouth soon grew and shuddered a load into her mouth, and was replaced by a smellier one that was fatter but shorter. Someone commented that they knew she would be back as she is obviously a cock hungry slut that can't get enough of it, this coincided with the cock fucking her speeding up and ploughing deeper, and the owner saying "Time to put some up her, lets see if we can leave her a bun in the oven this time!", and Deb realised there was no condom this time.

The cock fucking her brought her off just before shooting the first load inside her of the night, and only just before the one in her mouth went off too. Once both had withdrawn Deb was put on hands and knees and roasted, with comments on her swinging tits being made, and the door to the outside opened to admit 2 more men, one of whom immediatly said, "Fuck me that's nice, I like 'em chunky, more to get hold of and pump hard.

Someone played with the swinging tits and the cock fucking her came off very quickly, it seemed no one would be using condoms that night as more spunk flooded Deb's hole. Quickly she was filled again with cock flesh, and this one was very long, thin but penetrating she says, and it took the breath from her. As she regained her breath the cock in her mouth pulled out and the owner wanked a couple of jets of come onto her face, and then shoved it back in to finish off. Once he'd gone she used the pillow to wipe her face. The long cock fucked her to a couple of orgasms before adding to the fluids inside her, and she was put on her back and her legs raised. Someone lay between her legs and inserted a cock into her soggy hole and sucked and chewed at her tits as he fucked her, also making her come, the others were all talking but Deb was unable to concentrate enough to pick out conversations. The new found feeling of being shaved was hightening the feeling around her hole and clit, and she came hard several times during the night, this one fucking her got her off twice before he whispered in her ear "Gonna swell your belly for you darlin', I love you chunky babes, so nice to fuck.." and he seemed to stop in mid sentance as he shot his load, pushing as hard as he could with each squirt, and then saying, "And so nice to drop a load in!"

Apart from different leg poses, Deb was fucked like this by several cocks, and it seemed like people were entering and leaving all the time, so she has no idea just how many men fucked her or came in her mouth and on her face and tits. At one point the door was left open for a couple on minutes, but the public had likely all gone by then. For a little while she was laid with her head off the side again, and a number of flashes proved the no photo rule was ignored, close ups of her sucking cock being done toward the end, and one of her being sprayed on the face by a cock that was tit fucking her.

Eventually things died down, and after one more load in her well used hole, Deb was given a flannel and towel to clean up with.

Her frock and shoes were nearby but she was a bit unsteady when she stood up. One of the two blokes still there said he would steer her home and walked her out of the now very quiet park. Even though Deb was now a bit steadier, he helped her to our house and then, probably seeing a chance, he led her to the side of the house, behind the firms van in the drive, and, inspite of only minimal cover from the road, lifted Deb's frock and left leg to slip up her against the wall, and undid three buttons of the frock to get to her tits.

Deb tried to say it was too dangerous but did not want to make a loud fuss, so for about three minutes she was fucked against our house for anyone up at that hour to see, tits bouncing free, we hope to God no one saw. As soon as he shot his load the bloke said "Dare you to come back again tomorrow night so we can all fuck you again you lovely little slapper you?".

Deb said something like 'we'll see,' and he went off back to the park.

Deb was shattered, it was almost 3 a.m. when she slid in beside me, and, poor girl, even though she was worn out, as she lay there, I had to do her from behind, she looked so well used, and I slid in so very easily, coming in minutes, by which time she was asleep.

No, Deb is not going back tonight, the respect that was present on the first night had gone, imagine what tonight could be like! Anyway, you should have seen the look I got when I asked if she was going!