Written by JohnnDeb

13 Oct 2010

Hi, we posted "Concert fucking 1 & 2 recently, and now things have caught up with us a bit.

Kids with Grandparents we went for a drink at a pub with a live band playing. The land lord or manager kept giving Deb an odd look, and eventually asked if he knew her. Although we said not we guessed he must have seen a picture somewhere and thought about leaving or staying. As we were finishing our drinks he came over with more and a piece of folded paper. Surprise surprise it was a picture of Deb being fucked in the camper van from our first story, and written under it were the words, "Door marked private by gents, 1 hour"

I gave Deb the option to go and got a sheepish grin and a shrug in reply.

After four more free drinks we headed for the door. A small flight of stairs led to a smaller bar where the boss, George, was waiting with another drink and four other men, non seemed older than about 30, if that, including George, who is six foot and looks like he body builds. Each of them had a copy of the same picture which Deb signed with an unintelligible scribble. Two of the others, one a tall but badly overweight guy, then grabbed Debs t-shirt and lifted it off saying it was time to see if she looked as good in the flesh, complaining would have seemed stupid since we were, after all, there!

A flash of hands and the bra went and comments in praise of two lovely 38e breasts abounded. Debs jeans were unbuttoned and slid down, her panties following, and George sat her on the edge of a long table and lifted her feet to remove her trainers, then her clothes. Keeping her legs up he then put two fingers into her wet hole and warmed her up while two others played with her breasts and one kissed her. George soon slid his cock into Deb as she lay on the table and he tucked her shins under his arms, leaned back a little and began a series of steady strokes that soon had Deb gasping as she pushed the guy off her mouth. I was asked if I was Debs husband or just a bloke she fucked and I said both, which got a laugh. George was getting ready to shoot and sped up, looking Deb in the eye and saying "I thought by the pictures you must be a real slut, now I know I'm right and I'm going to cum up you to prove it. Here it comes!" Deb took a breath and said "Are you just talk or are you going to do it?" A few seconds later he did, groaning loudly as he did so.

Deb came just as George finished and before she could recover one of the others took over fucking her, not letting her catch up, the noise his cock made going in and out was wet and sucking. Someone else now straddled Deb's chest and fed her his cock, George and I being the only ones still fully clothed. The guy fucking Deb kept up a line of talk about dirty housewives and married sluts etc, and frigged Deb's Clit and had her come three times before he announced the arrival of his "baby juice into this cock loving whore", and fired away as deep in Deb as he could.

The fat guy was up next, George and I held a leg each so the guy could hike up his gut to get his cock in Deb, more squelching as he slid his reasonable sized meat into my wife, and then we let go and I went to watch the cock fucking her mouth, which soon unloaded an amount Deb was able to swallow.

Seeing a fat slob using my wife as a fuck doll was enough, I had to put my cock in her mouth quickly as it was ready to explode. Deb only spilt a little of it. With a wink to the big guy, the buy he had replaced now began to comment on what sort of woman would fuck such a fat bloke, lying on her back on a pub table and with loads of spunk already in her slut fanny, and so on. He played with a breast as he went on, and even criticised Deb for having each of her two orgasms under such a slob. He really did like verbally abusing, but no one really minded, not even Deb it seems, as she would sometimes agree with him.

After the big guy had added to the sperm inside the "spunk sponge slut" Deb was turned over and fucked from behind while bent over the table, both the remaining guys having a go and sharing their sperm with Deb. I then took a couple of minutes to fuck my wife myself, loving the feel of a warm well used hole full of other mens stuff. During those couple of minutes George had sent away the others and brought in two more, an older, (55?)black guy and a younger white one. As I fired into Deb I heard George tell the new two what a slut they were going to fuck, as seen on the 'internet'.

Deb was soon back on her back on the table, this time with cushioning, legs in the air as the black guy pounded away at her as if he was trying to knock her off the table. Deb had to keep a firm grip on the table edge and deal with George pushing his cock into her mouth as well.

The slapping noise as my wife got abused by the black guy was erotic, and the sight of her breasts trying to keep up with the rythm was so hot, I blurted another load of sperm, this time onto her chest. Her assailant said "White sluts are so fucking easy, this bint could take a regiment!" and shot his black mans sperm on top of all the rest. As soon as he withdrew, laughing at the way Deb had coughed on George's load he had just shot into her mouth, the last cock was fed into my dazed wife. She seemed to be hovering just below orgasm for quite a while as she was fucked and her bean rubbed. The black guy suggested that "This white whore must be a real proffesional cock fucker" and make lots of money. I looked at George who was zipping up and looking crafty, and he just gave me a slight nod, which confirmed my thoughts.

Deb came again as the man fucking her now put on speed and then groaned and shot his own load into her. A quick wipe and George showed them both out. He gave Deb a towel and a flannel and beconned me over. I was mostly dressed and George shoved a wad of cash into my breast pocket saying, "I thought we could all benefit from this, 50 50. It's a good amount". Truth be told, it was too. The man had thought on his feet and literally 'whored' out my wife to his mates, and I wonder if he would have owned up if not for the comment!

Deb was clearly worn out and so we organised a cab, and had a drink while waiting. George said he could arranged a cabby who would take his fare in kind and so, in a little lane just short of home, Deb was fucked in the front seat of a taxi, seat laid fully back, while I played with her breasts from above. Minutes later I was treated to a tit wank as that was all Deb could manage once we got into the bedroom.

We are concerned that she was recognised, but it was a hell of a night, and Deb is now looking forward to another encounter. She really has become a cock lover.