Written by LIZ

26 Nov 2008

My husband and i started \"swinging\" about a year ago, this was after he found out i\'d been unfaithful and instead of wanting a divorce, has encouraged me to have sex with other men, much to my surprise! He was obviously hurt at the time but the thought of me with another man was such a turn on for him he wanted me to do it again and infront of him! So we joined this site.

He keeps asking me if i\'d ever been unfaithful before? Well i have several times! So here\'s my confession

About three years ago i was working as a manager in the sales department of a large agency, this involved travelling around the country and sometimes stopping in hotels if it was considered to far to travel in one day.

I\'d been to London on this occasion and was stopping over the night before travelling home, i was accompanied on this trip with my assistant Jane, she was a little younger than me, i was 29 she was 24 and very pretty as i remember!We\'d checked in our hotel then decided to get dressed up and go out for some food and check out the local bars.Needless to say two women out on their own tend to get a fair bit of male attention and quite a few drinks bought for them (much appreciated!)Anyway after a couple of hours we returned to the hotel and went for a drink in the bar, we weren\'t alone for long when two irish fella\'s asked if they could join us. The younger one Dan was in his mid thirties and the other one Alan was probably late forties, we had the usual small talk and several large vodka\'s, they were obviously flirting with us and telling us how gorgeous we both looked and it wasn\'t long before they were asking us up to their room for a drink.We explained we were both happily married and thanks for the invite but we had to be up early the next day and were already too drunk.

Jane was going up to her room and i said i\'d see her at breakfast, then i went outside for my last cigarette of the night.

I\'d not been out side long when Dan came out to have a cigarette too, still flirting with me telling me i had the best arse he\'d ever seen and how lucky my husband was, he kept asking me to join him and Alan for another drink and in the end i relented, When Alan saw me walking back into the bar with Dan his eye\'s lit up \"so you\'ve changed your mind and decided to have some fun with couple of irish fella\'s\"

I think at this point i knew they were both gonna fuck me