Written by cabman

16 Jun 2008

you may recall that from the earlier story that I had taken the old lady, Betty, home and carried her shopping in. She had asked me to change a lightbulb in her bathroom and whilst standing on the edge of the bath with my cock level with her face as she supported me, she had placed a kiss on my cock. She apologised and said that it was a long time since she had done that to a man. I told her not to be sorry and that I quite liked it. My cock started getting hard straight away which was obvious to her. She told me that she could see how much I enjoyed it and started rubbing the bulge that was now in my trousers. I stood there and watched as she unzipped my pants and took out my now rock hard cock. She started sucking it straight away very expertly. I wanted to shoot my load there and then and she knew it. Suddenly she stopped and told me that that was all I was getting for now. I got down and stood in front of her. I tried to feel her tits but she pushed me away telling me that I shouldn\'t be greedy and that maybe next time I saw her she may treat me some more. I left and continued with my work. Later that night, I was feeling very horny so I suggested to my wife that we should have an early night. We were in bed and I was eagerly sucking her tits and then licking her which she loves. She said that I was extremely horny tonight but wasn\'t complaining. She asked what I\'d been thinking of all day. I told her that one of the old ladies that I pick up had been rather suggestive with me and started to relate the milder parts of the story. I could feel that she was getting wetter as I told her and she insisted that I tell her all the story. She suaid that the old girl must have really been gagging for it and she said that she\'d bet the old dear would have a restful night after playing with herself. She asked if I would have fucked her if she\'d let me. I was shocked by her remark but could tell that she was really turned on by the thought. I asked if she would like me to and she replied that it wouldn\'t do any harm. I guess she knew that I was unlikely to leave her for a woman as old as Betty and didn\'t see it as a threat to our marriage. I started telling her how I would set about seducing the old lady and she kept asking what I\'d do next. I slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy and fucked her hard. She was saying things like \"Fuck her. Fuck her hard. Shoot your cum in her. Let her remember what a hard cock feels like etc\" She had an amazing orgasm and my cock exploded in her. We lay there for ages and eventually fell asleep. The following morning nothing was said about the previous night. I got ready for work and as I was about to leave I gave her a peck on the cheek as usual. She grabbed me and gave me a long hard kiss feeling my cock with her hand. I said \"Wow what\'s got into you this morning. You\'re not usually this horny at htis time of day.\" She told me that she\'d been dreaming about Betty and hoped that she would want a taxi today. to be continued