Written by jockweiler

7 Mar 2008

Sandie sat down at her computer ..it was Friday night after a late day moving letters around for the legal firm where she was enslaved to her desirable but indifferent boss. She\'d lived on the island for most of her life, married once , one daughter..all gone wrong, but still out there fighting the good fight. She noticed her near neighbour\'s lights on as usual and him moving around the room with his wife in the background occasionally. As was her usual naughty habit, she pulled her roller blind down two thirds of the way so that anyone with the will /desire , could still see into the room. She\'s played this game and let her neighbour see various bits of her from time to time. He was older , not adonis, far from it, but still not on the scrap heap. She was wearing her black suit, skirt just above the knee and white blouse, that was the office uniform. The PC fired up and she logged onto yahoo messenger to see if her current admirer was on line, and there he was..Sandy...same name as hers, different spelling, and that is what had got the two of them chatting some months before. They\'d explored each others likes dislikes needs and wants and even exchanged telephone numbers. She was excited by him as he was with her. Her cam was perched on the top of the screen looking past her out into the room and so she buzzed him, and invited him to view her cam. He was there instantly , almost as if he had been waiting for her although no such arrangement had been made ! Usual greetings and he asked what was happening. She told him about her neighbour and how she had set the blind and it seemed Sandy was intrigued. \'\'Let me call you\'\' he said.\'\' Ok\'\' and she switched on her cell phone and he was on-line in 2 mins. His deep voiced accent had always sent a buzz to her sensitive areas and tonight was no different although he sounded different.. maybe a little more urgent than usual.

He could see what she had on via the cam, although the refresh rate was not all it could be.\'\' How about we tease your neighbour a bit more?\'\' he said over the phone. She giggled a bit and thought it might be a laugh. \'\'OK, tell me what to do...\'\'.

\'\'Is he watching?\'\' \'\'Yes!, I can see him if I peep under the blind a bit..he\'s there all right !\'\'

\'\'OK, take off your jacket and undo the front of your blouse, slide your chair in front of the window so he gets a good view..\'\'

Sandy could watch her do this on cam, and he saw her smiling to herslef as she even stretched her arms up so her blouse fell open.

\'\'Take off you blouse, but move away from the window first, then put it back on after youve removed your bra...then get back to the window and do the same..let him see those beautiful breasts\'\'

Sandie had let him see her boobs before and so she did just as she was told. holding the phone tucked into her neck, she played with her nipples in front of the partially pulled blind..sliding down a bit she could see she had the neighbours full attention and told Sandy so...\'\'Great\'\' was his reply... \'\'take it a step further ..put the blind all the way up!\'\' Sandie gasped , she\'d not done this before but his voice was so insistant that she went with him. The blind slid up easily and there he was, her neighbour standing at his window looking at her with her breasts exposed. She tried not to look at him ...this felt strangely exciting and she started to feel horny. Sandy\'s voice crackled in the phone..\'\'tell me what he is doing!\'\'..he could see her on cam but not through the window.\'\' He\'s just watching not doing anything at the moment\'\'. \'\'Stand up and move away from the window...take off your blouse and walk in front of the window slowly a couple of times..that should get him going !!\'\'She did this and he could hear her moving as he listened. She had started to whisper to him almost as if she was afraid of the neighbour hearing.\'\'whats he doing now ?\'\' \'\'he\'s taken off his shirt\'\'...hmmm. Sandy told her to stop in front of the window but with her back to it. \'\'Undo your skirt waistband and just let it drop to the floor..do it now...I can see you on cam !!\'\' Sandie did this with her fingers shaking a little...excitement or nerves..both probably !\'\'Now look behind you over your shoulder..look directly at him..let him know that you know he is wtaching !!!\'\' She gasped again and giggled slightly.\'\'.I think he\'s jerking off , Sandy..can\'t see clearly but he seems to have his hand on his cock\'\' \'\' Bend from the waist and slip your panties off and just step out of them..go on ..do it ! \'\' She did it and it felt good..\'\'ok, turn around now!\'\' \'\'what, show him it all ??\'\' \'\'Yes yes..do it!\'\'

She turned slowly and there he was jerking his cock and watching rapt as she displayed for him. She was wet and had started almost involuntarily to move her fingers on her clitorus. God, this felt good !

\'\'You ready for more, ? \'\' said Sandy into her ear ?

\'\'God, what more can happen ?\'\' she said..........

\'\'Wave him to come over...beckon him across !\'\'

\'\'I cant do that ! \'\' she said...\'\'oh my god !\'\'

\'\'you can ..its easy...do it now ..do it for me!\'\' His voice was hoarse and more urgent now !

She didnt think , she just put her free hand up, wet with her juices and waved the neighbour across...he disappeared from the window almost immediately. \'\'\'ooooh god, I think he\'s coming !!\'\' she had started to panic a little! \'\'Easy , he said in her ear, easy! does your window open ?\'\'...\'\'Yes\'\'..\'\'OK open it fully!\'\' He could see her doing it

more later...if you like it ??