Written by Harry Long

23 Jun 2009

It was late afternoon and the office was empty except for myself and my foreman, Carlo. We were having a drink to celebrate a job well done. I am the owner of the construction company, but have always had a good friendship with Carlo. He is a great foreman and can always be counted on to come in under budget and on time. We were just pouring our second scotches when my private phone rang.

When I heard the sexy voice on the line, I recognized Jean at once. She is the mother-in-law of Jim and the Mother of Claire, a couple for whom I had recently built an apartment over a boathouse at their lake cottage. It had been a hell of a job. I made a good profit and spent a great time fucking and sucking both Jim and Claire. We had hit it off so well, I still spend frequent weekends with them at the lake. Recently Jim called me and said he was in town overnight and wanted me to join him for a drink at his hotel. When I arrived I saw Jim immediately and realized the woman with him was not Claire, but another beautiful woman, who it turned out was his mother-in-law. The three of us ended up spending a memorable night together so I was excited to get Jeans call. She was in the neighborhood and asked if we could meet for a drink. I invited her up to the office. Carlo got up to leave and I said stay, you might like what happens. I was hoping Carlo might enjoy the same threesome action I had before with Jean and Jim. I guess I should mention that Jim had introduced me to a side of myself I had not acknowledged before. I knew I loved pussy, but I didn't know that cock was just as good in it's own way. I liked it so much I have admitted to myself that I am bi.

Back to the story at hand. Jean arrived at the office looking great. She is 55 with 36D tits that are amazing. Those same tits were falling out of her blouse and Carlo stuttered when he said hello. I couldn't blame him. Jean never wore a bra and had had no plastic work and I couldn't figure for the life of me why those beauties didn't sag. I decided to just enjoy them. We gave Jean a drink and within a few minutes I could tell Carlo really liked her. One drink led to a few more and we felt we should eat something. There is a small intimate hotel with bar and restaurant a few blocks away and we went there. After a quick bite to eat we went into the bar for a drink. There was a small combo playing soft music and Carlo and Jean got up to dance. I looked over at them an they were deep kissing and dry fucking. I walked over and told them I was getting a room and they readily agreed. By the time we got in the elevator Jean had my cock in one hand and Carlo's in the other. Somehow those magnificent tits had fallen free of her blouse. We managed to get to the room and immediately Jean asked us both to disrobe while she hit the bathroom. Being good guys we smiled at each other and obliged. As I stood there naked I saw Carlo eying my 7 inch cock (already hard) as I checked him out. His cock was a little shorter than mine but, thicker and he too was hard as a rock. This had possibilities. Jean came into the room wearing thigh high black stockings and tiny lace bikini panties.

Jean lay on the bed taking Carlos' dick into her mouth while she massaged my dick and balls. I found her hot wet pussy and put three fingers in and she moaned and moved, fucking my fingers, getting juicer by the second. Jean released Carlo's dick from her dripping mouth and told me to fuck her. She didn't have to tell me twice. I put my hard hot cock into that slick sweet pussy. Then I felt Carlo putting his tongue into her pussy alongside my dick. As I cock fucked her, he tongued her and at the same time was giving me a great tongue job too. Then as if this weren't enough to drive any man crazy, I felt Carlo's fingers rubbing my asshole. Circling and lubing with juice from his dick. Then one finger pushed in a bit and then quickly pushed deeper and deeper in and out. Shit. I thought I would explode with the sensations. Then I did. I felt like I was shooting from my entire body into Jeans pussy. I rolled over spent. Then Carlo put his still hard dick into Jean's juicy pussy and started to fuck her. I didn't think it possible, but watching them get it on was making me hard again. Within a few minutes I was ready for more action.

Carlo was still at it, fucking steadily, although I could tell from her little crys that Jean had come at least twice while he still fucked away.

Watching his smooth ass pumping up and down was making me even harder. My dick was leaking hot sperm and I climbed over and gently pushed the head of it into Carlo's ass. He responded by thrusting back hard and I pushed all the way into him. His ass started to move in rhythm with his dick strokes in Jeans pussy as I moved faster and faster in him. I rode him like a rodeo cowboy, hanging on for dear life until I shot what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into that sweet bum hole. Carlo looked over his shoulder and grinned at me as he finally shot his big load into Jean. After catching her breath, Jean licked Carlos' cock clean and then did the same for me. We fell into an exhausted sleep and when we woke in the morning, Jean was gone. I realized Carlo and I were spooned together. I felt his morning erection and looked over my shoulder at him. He looked sheepishly at me and said, what the hell, lets fuck. He had obviously done this before and he spent some time sucking my dick and rubbing my balls gently. Then he moved to my asshole and put his tongue in and pushed it as far as it would go. I was able to suck him and spent some time licking his knob. Then he said he couldn't wait to get into my tight ass and he pushed his big knob in. I pushed hard against him and his thick hot dick rammed all the way in. He fucked me until he shot his hot sticky cum and it ran down my legs. Then I rolled him over and repeated the favor. When we were done he told me he liked pussy too but he loved my ass and wanted a chance to get into it again with or without a woman.

Needless to say, there is no doubt in my mind now that I am definitely bi-sexual. I still love the feel of a hot wet velvet pussy with my dick buried deep in it, but just for fun, shove a big dick in that pussy with mine and let me feel that hot cum from his dick to mine while she comes too.

Of course Carlo works for me and this could cause problems but, I can imagine next time we meet alone in the office after hours for a drink. I am willing to take the chance.