Written by SuperDave

13 Jan 2014

So, as was stated, I had caught out our best friend Julie, blowing a guy I thought was her husband, but turned out to be someone else!

At the time I didn't say anything but I dropped subtle hints later that evening and was rewarded with a "I know you know" look.

A couple of days later, after the dust had settled, I sent her a text saying " I know what you did you naughty girl!". Julie, who you may remember is a stunning size 10 5ft 8 blonde, replied claiming ignorance and asking me to explain. After a couple of more texts I finally suggested that she might want to offer to buy my silence. She asked me what I was thinking and I replied that I didn't know as I hadn't seen "the goods". I suggested that a nice picture would help, by phone. She came back saying she was at work and couldn't do anything. I replied "Shame, as I have arranged to meet Mark for lunch in town". For a couple of minutes there was nothing. She then replied that she would "try" later if I promised not to mention anything. I agreed.

About an hour later, I was sitting outside the pub with Mark, her husband, having a sandwich and a pint when I received a picture message. Julie had sent a picture of herself naked, clearly taken in a cubicle at work. I could clearly see she had a fantastic body and a beautiful pair. Most of all though, she was smiling!! A clear signal as far as I was concerned. I quickly hid my phone (sneaking crafty glances) and when Mark went off to the toilet I arranged a reply saying. "All very nice, but I need to see more". Mark came back to the table and I felt a thrill of anticipation as we were chatting, when my phone announced a text message. It was even better when I had to explain "it cant be important, I'll ignore it", knowing full well it was his Mrs!

After lunch I went back to work and got a few more pictures, dotted around the town, including one in the changing rooms at M&S, where she had donned lingerie and had taken her photo and sent it to me. I carefully transferred the pics over to my laptop and deleted all the messages and pics from my phone, as both Mark and Julie were round later that evening for a few beers. The evening was interesting but uneventful apart from a when I was just getting another beer as Julie was topping up her wine. I walked up behind her and slid my hand under her skirt, feeling the outline of her bum. She wriggled away from me, smiling and walked back into the front room.

As I said before, this is quite tame but does continue...