Written by Andy

9 Oct 2012

Continued from a delightful afternoon =

Us two guys kneeling on the bed and she is on all fours between us I have the lub we start massaging her bum and hole in goes the first finger then anther and then one of mine, I ask how you doing, she s really nice no pain at all, so now I have two fingers in her fanny and one in her arse hole, and the guy has two fingers in her arse as well, so now the dildo in her arse plenty of lub the guy is working this slowly in and out I move around between her legs and wank up a nice hard remove my fingers and replace them with my cock, and get into a nice slow rhythm, now I can reach down and grab hold of his cock and wank him up to really hard now we change places and he removes the dildo and replaces it with his cock, very slowly bit by bit its going in, I ask how is that for you she s tight but easing up,

I move around to her front and give her my cock to suck on while her arse is relaxing on to his large hard cock,

Then between me and the guy we get the dildo started into her fanny as a trial,

She sits up still on her knees with his cock well into her now I can play with her properly I can reach her clit and her tits at the same time, and stick my tong into her mouth, ( nice I can taste my self, ) dildo up her fanny held in by the guy and his cock up her and me in all the other nice places, anther orgasm is coming big time goes into a mega trembling shuddering shaking, ever seen one like that nor the guy we are stunned and she too,

The dildo came out on a tidal wave of juices and the guy shoot his load into her arse while this amazing orgasm went of the rector scale, Amazing !,

So feeling a little left out I proceed to wank my self of over her tits and to help me along with this he starts to nibble on my nipples and she has hold of my balls which I really like, not long and I am shooting all over her tits,

So now anther brake as we get our breath back and have anther cupper & biscuit for some energy,

After about half an hour of us sitting on the sofa naked and not a lot of response from our cocks she says I am off will txt you both had fabulous time thanks got dressed and left, so we had a bit more of a play with each other he was hard as hell again so he wanked and I held his balls and licked the head of his cock till he came in my mouth and over my face, he then liked it of my face and then kissed me and had a sticky sloppy kiss the I swallowed what I had he then put my cock into his mouth and dribbled spunk all down my cock, but game over for me so we exchanged number

He got dressed and left too, WOW ! what a delightful afternoon, this only happened a few days ago so awaiting the next episode my self, I will report soon I hope, Andy x