Written by gerry

3 Dec 2013

The last time I wrote was when Ivor brought two mates along and fucked my wife. The following week during net practice at the cricket club, Ivor asked me if we would like to join him at a friends birthday party that coming weekend. I said we would. The cricket match was rained off so we had some drinks in the bar before going to our place. Gloria wasn't ready yet so we waited until she was ready. She looked stunning wearing a tight fitting dress, looking more than shaggable.

We got a taxi to the party where there were mostly coloured guys. Gloria was the only white woman there. In her tight fitting dress she gathered a lot of attention and I knew she was in for a lot of shagging. Ivor introduced me to very attractive coloured girl and left me with her. I could see gloria being chatted up by several men. Julie, the girl I was talking to was turning me on and I wanted to screw her. I took her upstairs and found an empty bedroom and soon had her naked on the bed. What a great body she had and soon I was licking her clot as she sucked my hard cock. We had a good fuck before returning down stairs. My wife was nowhere to be seen and I asked Ivor where she was and he said to follow him. He led me upstairs into a bedroom and there she was lying naked on the bed, one fucking her whilst five more stood around the bed wanking themselves off waiting their turn to fuck her. She was already crying out as she was being fucked hard by a big black cock, her legs opened wide by his arms, her cunt stretched tightly around his huge prick. The others urging him on as his buttocks heaved up and down. Ivor stripped off and stood with the others. I wondered how many cocks she could take. They were all big. The man fucking her finally came, shooting his spunk inside her.

She groaned as he withdrew from her. A second took his place and promptly pushed his thick prick fully into her cunt. She was totally oblivious to everything but the cock inside her, gasping loudly as he fucked her. His hands squeezing her tits as he shagged her. Then one of the men knelt alongside her tits and wanked himself off over them before shooting a load of creamy spunk all over them. The one fucking her spread it all over her tits as he rammed his huge cock hard into her. Then he too gave her cunt another load of spunk. All five fucked her before Ivor finally gave her a final fucking, fucking her from behind, holding her hips and pulling her onto his 10" cock. She was groaning, saying she couldn't take anymore as ivor pulled his cock out and turned her onto her back and straddled her and wanked over her tits and shot his load over them and her face. She lay there like a rag doll, well and truly fucked. They all said what a great fuck she was and left her lying there. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was sore. I wasn't surprised considering the amount of cock she had taken. She showered and got dressed and we went back downstairs. In the lounge a coloured girl was being gangbanged on the settee, crying out as they fucked her in turn. In the dining room another woman was bent over a table, 8" of thick cock inside her cunt. We sat quietly for awhile having a few drinks watching what was going on around us. Ivor came over and told gloria a mate of his would love to fuck her but she said she was too sore. His mate came over and Ivor told him what she said and he told he would be gentle. She said it would have to be upstairs alone as she couldn't take being gangbanged again. I stayed in the lounge as she went upstairs with him. She returned an hour later after being given another good shagging. We then got a taxi home and she ran the bath and had a good soak for an hour.

"That was something else" she said. Soon she was asleep and so was I.