Written by tina r

13 May 2009

hi,i am 27yrs old,and had split from my long term partner.we had been together since school,and up until the night i am about to relate to you,he was the only guy i had slept with.i wont deny i was devastated when he ended it,my only real friend is the girl i work with,but i dont really socialise with her,mainly because she is black,and tends to only go to black bars and clubs,this is not as i am racist,it just has never been an issue,but 3 weeks ago,she was going to see her parents and friends in birmingham,where she originates from and suggested i went along,i was not going to go but as i had been staying in for 5mths,still upset really,i just thought what the hell,we went on the friday after work,arriving at around 8pm,i must admit i felt a little out of place meeting her family,but they were very welcoming,her dad suggested we went to the pub so off we went.i swear it was the first time i have ever been in a pub where the only people there were all black,but again they were so freindly,come closing time they just locked the doors,and i have to admit it was like a big party,i was a little bit tipsy and throwing caution to the wind was soon up dancing,first time in a long while i was having fun,i soon found myself dancing with this one guy,and before i knew it we were dancing close together,and after so long it felt good to be in a guys arms,i dont remember when but suddenly we were kissing,after a while he lead me to well it was like a small room,we carried on kissing and i felt his hands go up my top and take my breast in his hand,i reahed down and felt his hardness over his jeans and soon found myself unzipping him,i swear apart from maybe in films it was the first time i had ever seen a blk cock,and admit i was liking what i saw,its hard to explain but i just wanted it in my mouth,god knows why as i dont really like giving oral,but i just could not resist,so going down i took him in my mouth and i was in heaven and the fact i was sucking a black guy seemed to double the sensation,he pulled me up and began to undo my jeans,pulling them down he then lifted me onto what i can only desribe as a ledge,and guided himself in me,i thought my head would explode,as he began to push into me,there had been quite a build up to this and i think we were both to excited to last for very long and i soon felt him as he came into me,and did it feel good,as i say it was not the most romantic of places to have sex but god it was satisfying,we had to dress and go back into the main bar,where i thought i would have been embarrased,but i was so satisfied i was like okay who cares who knows,i would willingly have gone home with him and carried on where we had left off but the situation did not permit that,it was only when i woke up in the morning i realised the full extent of what i had done,i had just let a guy fuck me who i had only known for less than an hour,and far from being shocked i had loved it,my only concern was my friends parents did not know,my friend who had seen me dissapear with the guy guessed but assured me they did not,we spent the saturday shopping and she would not stop teasing me about how i was checking out the guys.it was only on the monday,i realised how stupid i had been as i had obviously stopped taking the pill,so i had a anxous wait,since then i have dated and slept with two more guys both black,now i am not going to say i am only a blk guys shag now,but i must admit there is something very exciting about sex with black guys