Written by Happy Granny

21 Dec 2009

I am a plump grey haired grandmother in my early sixties and up until a few months ago I had been totally faithful to my husband of almost 40 years.

Things changed after I mentioned to my young neighbour that I was having problems with my electric cooker and would have to get a repairman in. She replied that before I get the repairman in I should let her husband look at the cooker that afternoon.

Her husband came round that afternoon and sorted the cooker out in about 10minutes. It was a minor fault apparently. I asked him how much I owed him. He refused payment so I asked if there was anything I could do for him. He said there wasn’t anything. I asked him if he was sure and after a pause he said there was something. I asked him what it was.

He came over and sat next to me on the sofa and put his hand on my knee. When I saw the look in his eye I knew exactly what he meant. “You can’t mean…?” I stammered as a thrill went right through my body I had not known for years. I felt warmth starting between my legs.

He smiled, nodded and slid his hand onto my thigh.

“Don’t be silly “I giggled “I’m a respectable married woman old enough to be your mother….and you’ve got a beautiful young wife...”

“OK” he replied “if you tell me you don’t want to I’ll leave it at that… Well?

I couldn’t answer. I wanted him

As he leant over and kissed me he unbuttoned my blouse and expertly undid my bra. It felt wonderful as he caressed each breast and kissed and sucked my swollen, sensitive nipples. I fumbled with his belt and fly, but at last released his rigid penis. It had a thick shaft with a large purple head that just had to be sucked. I held it gently in one hand whilst cupping his balls in the other. I bent over and licked a bead of pre-cum from the eye and then kissed, licked and sucked the head. He leant his head back and groaned.

I felt his hand go up under my skirt, up my thigh and under the wet gusset of my knickers. Wonderful shudders of pleasure went through my whole body as his finger found my G-spot and his thumb gently teased my clitoris. I had never felt like this before. Orgasms came in waves. He suddenly stopped, stood up and stepped out of his jeans, his hard member sticking out proudly in front of him

“Get your knickers off” he commanded “Lie back on the sofa, legs open because I’m going to fuck your cunt like the dirty slut you are” I was shocked but thrilled at his language. My husband never talked to me like that.

I did as I was told He climbed on top of me. I felt a stab of exquisite pain as he thrust his hard penis deep into me. I was in heaven as he gave me a good hard seeing to. It wasn’t making love it was just hard sex and it was fantastic. It felt so good. His pace quickened and a far away look came into his eyes. He thrust hard into me as started to cum, his whole body twitched and I had moment of high ecstasy as he ejaculated deep inside me.

From that moment I knew I had to change my life. I realised that I was not being fulfilled and that my wants and needs were not being satisfied. I had been drifting in to old age and was willing to accept second or even third best. From now on I was only going to accept the best

Since then my social and sex life have never been better. I have several gentlemen friends of all ages with whom I have sex regularly. One of them is a lovely 19 year old lad who lost his virginity to me.

When I meet a stranger I fancy I sleep with them if I get the chance. I have even entertained two men at the same time, which I found particularly enjoyable. Deep down I think I must be a slut.

I’m not sure whether or not my husband knows, but I don’t really care. He has no reason to complain as he gets much more sex than he ever used to. I’m sure he doesn’t know how often he’s had seconds.

I am eternally grateful to my neighbour’s husband and show my gratitude regularly.