Written by Jack in the Box

14 Jan 2018

Some years ago now I was having problems between my Mother in Law and my wife. They just couldnt seem to get on and there were constant flare up which inevitably spilt over into our own relationship. I really tried to act as peace maker but it was no good and the net result is that there were lots of rows and no sex for me which really made me cranky. I had been staying over in the same town as Mother in Law lived at a sales conference and on the Saturday morning decided to go and have it out with her once and for all. Needles to say I was still a little hungover from the night before and intended to use the opportunity to get some shut eye. As my wife worked all day I knew I wouldnt be missed.

As I approached the house one of two young Sisters in Law came out and I asked her where the other one was. "She has gone for the weekend " she replied "and I am off too". I asked her where her mother was and she said she was still in bed. Now my Mother in Law had been widowed for about four years at the time so was alone in the house. I tapped on the bedroom door and she answered. She knew it was me because she had seen my car and heard the conversation in the street. I went in and sat in a chair by the bed with not intentions of doing anything except having a chat and a sleep.

She is what could be described as a comely lady only five feet tall but with very big breasts and a nice full ass.In her mid fifties she could pass for much younger and her dark Jamaican skin is still flawless to this day.

I asked her what the hell was going on but she refused to talk about it and pulled the covers up to her neck. and I told her I wasnt getting any sex because of her attitude and all she did was smile. The devil got in me then and I said "in that case I am going to have to punish you and started to get undressed. I felt as randy as hell and my ego was bruised.

"You dont dare" she said " I'll scream" . " No one is going to hear you, Its a big house and we are all on our own". By now I was naked and my cock was standing out like a rod. I grabbed the covers and lifted them. She lay there with a coffee coloured night dress on with bows on each shoulder. I got into the bed which was warm and welcoming and held a face in both hands and kissed her. She resisted which urged me on and with my teeth I tugged at one of the bows. A great big tit with a large nipple rolled out so I bit the nipple and she moaned. I kissed her again and this time there was a little response. I continued to lick her and her neck and reached for the other breast while cupping the first and rolling the nipple between my fingers.

I used my knee to prise her legs open, she didnt protest this time and I slid my cock full into her trimmed pussy she was very wet and I came within four or five strokes. I am lucky and have incredible stamina which enables me to go on and hold an erection even though I had come. Before long she started to move with me and we both came together.with a lot of breathless noise and sweat. I think we can do this again later I said . She kissed me and nodded and we fell asleep in each others arms