Written by brianshirley

7 Feb 2013

ld like to share with you guys and girls our experience of cottaging in the seventies and the first time me and my wife tried it, it was a nice spring morning and we decided to drive to our local park for a bit of fun , the toilet block was an old brick built one surrounded with bushes it had three cubicles and three stalls each cubicle had a brick missing from the wall and they had just been cleaned so smelt of carbollic soap and urine , my wife waited in the car while l checked them out , all she was wearing was suspenders black stockings high heels and her long coat l told he they where empty so we went in l sugested she go into the middle cubicle and l went into the end one and we locked our doors, she was reading the graffiti on the back of the door then she took her coat off folded it and put it on the seat to sit on just then l heard a car pullup and then a guy came in and went into the end cubicle , as soon as he sat down and looked through he pushed his hand through and was feeling her then he withdrew and stood up l could see his cock comming through the hole and my wife took hold of it and was wanking him slowly it was quite long and the head was like a tomato she then started to suck him , just then another guy came in and looked through the hole in my door and then looked into the middle cubicle and spotted it was woman the hole in my wifes door wasnt big enough to get a cock through so l decided to vacate my cubicle and see what happened so l unbolted the door flushed the toilet and left, l waited outside for a few minutes and then went back in, all three doors were locked so l looked into the one ld been in he was standing with his belly pressed to the wall, l then looked through the middle one and my wife was now standing up with her back to the door wanking both guys another guy came in and knew something was going on so he stood by the urinals and started wanking himself off, none of these guys knew it was my wife in the cubicle , l could hear the first guy talking to her through the hole and then he unbolted his door and came out my wife unbolted her door and came out then the guy in the last cubicle joined us she then started to suck him off and the first guy got behind her his cock looked even bigger now it was very fat with a big fat blue viens he was pushing it against her hole but it wouldnt slide in he started to wank it against her hole and she started pushing back on it then it just went right in and she gave out a loud moan he held onto her hips and pulled her back onto it, the guy she was sucking shot in her mouth and she swallowed it all , he was replaced by the other guy and she started sucking him , the guy shagging her started speeding up and pulled her back right onto him and let out a long low moan he stayed there for a few minutes and withdrew by this time l was ready to explode so l replaced him and pushed my cock right in l was now facing the other guy getting sucked off and l watched the pleasure on his face as he also shot down her throat, l felt her body shudder and shake and l could feel her pussy muscles tighten on my cock and l shot deep into her and this is all told the way it happened it was the start on many very sexy times in public toilets , sadly they have all closed down now but they remain a pleasant memory,also in them we didnt have to worry about condoms or hiv,brian.