Written by VSL

29 Aug 2016

My girlfriend Laura and I were in Italy for a few days, we booked a some nights at hotels and a few airBnBs. One stay was noteworthy. On the first night we went out with the host Mat who was a guy in his 20s a good looking Italian. Laura was in a short summer dress, standing tall and slim with nice C cups and a stunning face she got plenty of attention from Mat and his friends. After the club we got back to the apartment and more drinks followed and not so long after Laura was sucking Mats cock. He was a great host! Laura had a great time being served by the two of us all night . The fun had just begun as it was only night one of three in that apartment. Laura got plenty of orgasms and it was great to see a young guy putting all his effort to fucking her. The second day was great fun as we were doing the usual tourist stuff knowing very well what we were going to do again that night. Night two was a repeat of night one, but we stayed out only for a short time as we were eager to get down to business.

Day three was different ,a repeat of night 1 and 2 would be dull so Laura suggested that she goes out on her own with Mat and I did my own thing and that well meet back at midnight. So I went out on my own, had a few drinks and got back. Laura opened the door and a different guy was sitting on the couch having a drink with Mat. Laura was in a very short dress and no bra, looked like they had just got back home and the new guy must have been a friend of Mat . We had a few drinks and Laura goes away to the bedroom, Mat says something to the other guy and they follow her. I was getting excited at this new development- so stayed back for about 2 mins and joined them . Laura was lying in bed with her dress around her waist with Matt licking her and the new guy's cock in her mouth. They proceeded to fuck her taking turns while I watched. It was a great end to the stay. Needles to say I joined in too but it was not easy to keep up with them! They were pumping her harder and harder each time and she was loving it. Between water breaks, smokes and drinks we were up till 6am, she was worn out and covered in cum. Great girl!