Written by singlesara

27 Mar 2010

This happened to me tonight and I just needed to tell someone!

A few weeks ago I bumped into my brother and his friend out shopping. I hadn't seen his friend for a couple of years and all of a sudden he seemed to have grown up and looked really hot. He'd obviosly been working out because he had huge rippling muscles in his chest and arms, I could see them through his tight T shirt. Here I was having naughty thoughts about my brother's 22 year old mate! I remember having to take my sticky knickers off when I got home that day and played with my pussy for a good couple of hours!

Anyway, a few days ago I had a message from David (my brother's friend)asking how I was and saying we should meet for a drink and catch up with each other's news. I explained that I'd just moved house and was really busy at the moment, so he offered to pop round and give me a hand unpacking. Very quickly our messages became quite flirtatious and I could feel myself getting really horny just texting him. I was really busy and couldn't talk for long, but I had another text from him earlier this evening asking if he could pop round. I said yes and once again the flirting started but this time became more sexual. I suddenly found myself asking him to come round in 45 minutes, by this time it was already 9.30pm and we both knew what would happen.

I quickly ran a bath and made sure my pussy was completeley shaved just the way I like it. I then put my satin dressing gown on and went downstairs to wait for David. It was the longest 45 minutes until I heard his car outside and I felt nervous that this would be the first man I would be having in 9 months. I opened the door and David walked in. I told him to go straight upstairs and lie on the bed and wait for me. I walked in the bedroom and David was lying there fully clothed. He saw I was only wearing my robe and sat up to try and get a better look. I undid the belt of my robe and it soon fell to the floor, revealing my 38dd tits and shaved pussy. I could see David couldn't take his eyes off my big breasts and he had a very obvious bulge in his trousers. I lay on the bed and he kissed me roughly, teasing my nipples between his thumb and forefinger at the same time. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second and couldn't take much more. I sat up and took off his trousers, he wasn't wearing boxers underneath and his cock sprang up before flopping back onto his stomach. I was suddenly hungry for his impressive thick cock and began licking the tip while I played with his balls. David told me he was going to cum quite soon, so I stopped and moved up the bed to sit on his face. I felt David's tongue on my clit and he shoved 3 fingers deep into my pussy which made me give out a very loud moan. I loved being able to control the pressure he was giving me and it wasn't long before I came on his face. David pulled me down to kiss him and I could taste my sweet pussy juice on his lips. I knew I needed him inside me then and begged him to fuck me bareback on all fours (my favourite position). I got very carried away and something came over me that I'd never felt before. I started talking pure filth and David was really getting off on it. I clung to the headboard and begged him to fuck me like the dirty cock hungry slut that I was. David was really pounding me and then I felt him shudder before shooting his lovely spunk deep inside me. We came together and as he pulled out I went down and licked his cock clean as I love the taste of spunk.

He stayed for a couple of hours and we played some more before arranging for him to come round and service me again tomorrow night. Can't wait!