Written by bob & eileen

24 Feb 2007

between 1969 and 1987 I worked for a local council as a mobile toilet janitor, I was in my early twenties when I started the job , I worked with a lady in her late forties she did the ladies and I did the gents, in those days every toilet had a glory hole and I used to spend a lot of time reading the stories scrawled on the walls and the backs of the doors and I did have the odd wank or two but that was about as exciting as it got, untill one day doris the lady I worked with told me she had given her notice in and that another woman was starting on the monday so she could train her, anyway she started on the monday morning and I was introduced her name was eileen and she was only a couple of years older than me , we got through the first week and doris left, over the next few weeks me and eileen got to know each other and became quite friendly one day after work I asked her if she facied going for a drink and she said yes and things developed from their, one day she said she wanted to look in the gents so I went in to check they were empty and in she went , she emedietley started to read the stories on the walls and asked me what was the hole in the wall for and I could see she was getting turned on , that night she asked me if id ever walked in on anyone doing anything in the toilets and I told her I had seen a guy sucking another guy off once, this really turned her on and she asked me if she could suck me off through the wall the next day, so we pulled up outside the toilets about 9-15 it was a cold foggy morning I told her to give me a couple of minutes and then follow me into the gents , so I went into the cubicle and locked the door dropped my pants and started reading the stories and slowly wanking, I heard her walk in and the cubicle door close and the bolt slide on, I looked through the hole to make sure it wasnt some guy , she was completely naked apart from her shoes I pushed my by now rockhard cock through and I felt her lovelly warm mouth around it and she started sucking me off , just then I heard footsteps and someone came in and went into the third cubicle , eileen didnt even stop she just carried on sucking me, my cock was now so hard that I couldnt have pulled it back through the hole even if I wanted to, I could feel my cock throbbing and I just let go and shot into her mouth it was one of the best cums ive ever had, I had to wait a couple of minutes before I could pull my cock back through and just then I heard the bolt slide off the door at the end and the guy left, I went out side and checked it was clear and eileen followed me out, we got our stuff from the van and did our job , that night eileen was so excited about what we,d done but I wasnt ready for what she told me , she said that when the guy came into the cubicle next to her,s he pushed his cock through the hole and she got so excited that she just pushed herself back onto it and he fucked her while she was sucking me off , that was the first of many over the years sometimes id fuck her through the hole and sometimes id just watch as some well endowed guy would fuck her through the hole or in the same cubicle , and yes we did marry and she,s still as horny as ever although the glory holes have all gone due to council policy but it was all good fun while it lasted , this is all true , hope you enjoy reading it ,bob&eileen.