Written by Paul

15 Nov 2008

My wife and arrived early to get a good seat at the pub, we sat in the window as we both like to watch the world going by. Also it over looked the Village Church and more importantly the church yard, which was the reason we were there. I had promised my wife that I would fuck her outside....

She was looking great short Brown cordaroy skirt, grey woollen tights, brown boots and and a tight black lambs wool jumper. And underneath a matching set of silk underwear.

We were both excited and enjoying the company of each other and the anticipation of the church yard activity. We had a lovely meal and a few drinks although I was driving so only the one for me. I had made sure that my wifes wine glass was keep full..........

The pub was filling up and we were caressing each others hands, I could wait no longer I paid the bill and suggested that we went for a stroll, soon we were crossing over the village green into the dark 12th Centruy church yard, the moon was almost full and the shy was clear. We walked through the church yard to the far corner where it over looks the fields. I stopped and pulled my wife in close to me, I caressed her firm arse as I kissed her deeply, she was turned on and soon she was rubbing her hand down the front of my crutch where she found my hard thick cock pushing against my trousers. I was so aroused, I had wanted this moment for so long. I turned her around and bent her forward, at the same time I hitched her skirt up on to her hips and slid her tights down. I undid my trousers and out sprung my hard cock. I slid her thong to one side and guided my cock in between her cheeks and it slid straight into her moist hot pussy. With one long firm stroke I drove it in deep. She let out a deep moan of pleasure , I took hold of hips and started to fuck her hard and deep. Strong strokes but not to fast as I wanted her to enjoy it and she had to cum before I was going to release my hot load of spunk.

I started to quicken the pace and fuck her hard, deep and very fast just as she loves it. I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. Harder and deeper I was fucking her for all I was worth, she started to cum and I felt her gush as she screamed out, I could hold back no longer and I came with such force shoting my load of hot spunk deep in her soaked pussy.

We adjusted our clothing and I pulled her in close and kissed her. We walked back towards the the green , as we approached the front of the church yard we noticed a middle aged man walking his pointer, he said \"Nice evening for it\" we answered yes and quicken our paces. My wife was sure that we had been watched and although she didn\'t say anything I am sure that thought turned her on all the more.