Written by Paul

18 Nov 2008

My wife and I walked into the garden suite and looked around. It lived up to the description in the brochure, the bed was large and overlooked the landscaped grounds. The on-suite bathroom was just the ticket, the large bath for two together with the large walk in shower were surely going to see some action.

We relaxed and I checked that the arrangements were all in place for the planned evening. I texted our guest and confirmed that he had arrived. I soon got washed and changed and left the wife finishing getting ready. I went down to the bar and sat reading the paper with a drink, although to be honest my heart was racing and I was so nervous. Were we really going to meet a total stranger in a country house hotel, have dinner with him then invite him back to out room to spend the night with us. It all seemed so detached to our normal life. It had all started a month before when we had been looking on a swinging site and decided that we would love to have a naughty evening with a good looking experienced male. We placed an ad and waited the a suitable reply. That's how we were in a 5 star country hotel in Warwickshire about to meet a stranger. We had selected an American business man who was visiting the UK, his name was Ralph, 44 and good looking.

My wife walked into the bar and wow did see look good, a new black dress, seamed stockings, velvet high heeled shoes with matching bag. I stood up and kissed her hand I ordered her a large gin and tonic, she asked if I had seen him yet. I told her no, and that I had arranged that we would meet Ralph in the Restaurant. We walked through to the restaurant and instantly saw Ralph, he was indeed good looking and dressed impress. He stood up and introduced himself to us, we instantly warmed to him and we were soon chatting like old friends. He was both intelligent and charming. I could tell that my wife was very attracted to him. The time past quickly and soon it was time to go upstairs. Myself and my wife left first and went to the suite. I ran the bath and got in with a large glass of wine, my wife slipped out of her dress and lay on the bed in her underwear. Which was simply stunning, black corset with eight belt suspenders and seamed black stockings.

I heard the door being knocked and my wife calling out for him to come in. Ralph came in and I heard the sound of a champagne cork popping and the clinking of glasses. I heard my wife laughing and if I knew her it would not be long before she would getting down to action.

I heard the sound of them on the bed and enjoyed listening to her moaning and encouraging Ralph. I got out of the bath wrapped a towel around me and walked through. I was met by the sight of my wife lying on her bath legs bent and open wide with a naked Ralph going down on her. She was guiding his head so that she got the maximum pleasure, I knew that she would loving this as if its one thing that gets her going it is cunnilingus. I walked over to the bed and positioned myself along side her. She pulled my towel off and reached out and stroked my hard shaven cock. She slowly started to wank my cock, I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. I watched and enjoyed her pulling Ralph's head in harder against her pussy. Her back arched and she let out moans of pleasure as she came. Ralph looked up and I saw that his face was soaked with her love juices, she had obvious ejaculated. Oh wow I knew was turned on if she had done that.

She was in control and rolled over on to her knees presenting herself to Ralph, he got up on to his knees and I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge, at least 9 inches but it was so thick. I watched as he guided it against her pussy and as he took hold of her hips he pushed it in. She let out a deep moan as it slowly slid all the way in, she was loving it and stated that she had never been stretched this wide. I watched as he started to fuck her hard and deep, I told him to fuck her hard as he could as I know that's what she loves. He fucked her hard and deep for at least 10 minutes until he could hold on no longer and delivered his load deep in her pussy. She had cum several times and was calling for more, she was so lost in lust and I was loving it.

Ralph dismounted and I rolled her over on to her back parted her legs and went straight down on her, I wanted to lick and suck his cum from her open pussy. It was so thick and there was so much of it as it was mixed with her sweet juices, it was fantastic. She got her breath back and was soon working on Ralph's cock and it was soon so hard again. It was to big to be taken in her mouth but she was wanking it slowly as she ran her tongue and lips around it.

I rolled over on to my back and she positioned herself over my face and the last of their cum dribbled out over my face. What happened next was not what I expected, she told Ralph to go down on my cock and before I knew what was happening he was sucking my cock, and wow was it good. He sucked my cock like I have never known before and she was loving it and was clearly getting so aroused. I could feel myself approaching orgasm and then it erupted and I shot my load in his mouth. She got straight off my face and grabbed his face and kissed him swapping my cum between them................

Let me know if you wish me to continue with the rest of the tale.