Written by sexysubmissive

12 Apr 2011

Mike moved his large strong hand onto my leg, “you really are a very sexy lady Kat” he commented, pushing my skirt above my stocking tops, leaning over he started to kiss my hand, My heart began to race, he was after all a very strong and handsome young man, I suddenly felt very very turned on, I could feel his strong hand probing further and further up between my legs, pushing my skirt higher and higher, exposing more and more of me to anyone who might be passing our table (luckily the lounge was empty or so i thought !!), I didn't care, “ fuck no knickers, clean shaven and pierced you really are a little minx Kat “Mike began to gently finger my clit, his large strong hands now roaming free between my legs “that feels so so good” I moaned, as Mike continued to play with my pussy, it was then i noticed a couple of guys had joined Will watching us from the other side of the lounge, that made me even hornier if that was possible, maybe Will would let them join in the fun, “ I love a lady with a clean smooth cunt” commented Mike, as he continued to massage my now very wet pussy “i need to feel your fingers inside me Mike” I whispered !!!!! , almost immediately Mike thrust three fingers inside me penetrating deep inside my body, lifting me out my seat as he pushed deeper, thrusting his fingers deep inside me again and again, I couldn't hold out !!!! My dress now around my waist, legs wide open, and pussy ready to explode, I let out a loud gasp as I orgasmed uncontrollably pumping my white creamy love juices all over Mikes hand.