Written by Bob

29 Jun 2011

I had fancied my two cousins Joan and Jill, from my school days, I think it may have started as a school boy crush, they were both just a few years older than myself and never knew of my feelings towards them. We had only kept in touch by meeting at family occassions and birthday and christmas cards, they both married and moved away from the area, Joan to the midlands and Jill to London, after a few short years they both found themselves divorced.

As a truck driver I spend much of my life away from home, mostly sleeping in the cab of my lorry, one day after doing my final deivery of the day at a shopping centre close to Joan's home, I saw her near the shops, we chatted for a while and she invited me to her home for a cuppa, after cooking me a meal we chatted about our lives into the small hours, she didn,t want me sleep in my cab and made up the bed in her spare room for me, early next morning, she made a great breakfast, and as I left gave me a hug and a kiss, joking about what the neighbours would say if they saw us together, as she was known to be a, born again virgin, not having had a man since before her divorce.

After this I tried to ensure that whenever I was in the area I would visit her, mostly sleeping in the comfort of her her spare room, till one night the inevitable happened and I slept in her bed with her, there was lots of kissing, cuddling and fondling untill we were both so aroused that she let me remove her nightie, she willingly parted her legs and as I mounted her she practically pulled me into her very wet hole, she asked me not to cum in her, but it was nearly too late, I was at the point of no return, pulling out I shot all over her chest and belly, she was happy about it and promised that in future she would go back on the pill, so she was obviously expecting us to continue sleeping together.

We continued with our relationship with me sleeping with her about once a week and even spending weekends together, she was getting insatiable with us having sex morning and night and often during the day at weekends, making up for the lack of having sex during the previous years.

I arived to visit her one week night and found her sister Jill with her, I was a bit disappointed because although I was pleased to see her I thought that I would be sleeping in my cab that night, after a great evening of catching up, I excused myself to return to my truck, Joan was having non of it telling me that Jill knew all about us and had done since our first night together, in fact it was her who had encouraged Joan to enjoy herself with me, it appears that sisters tell each others everything. That night Joan and I spent a night of passion again although Jill was in the next room, this actually appeared to make Joan even randier than usual, with us trying more positions than before.

The next morning at breakfast Jill appeared wearing white sheer pjs, through which I could see her dark nipples and hairy triangle between her legs, causing an immediate erection that I could do nothing about at the time, on leaving I had my usual kiss and fondle with Joan, Jill gave me a surprisingly passionate kiss saying that if I was ever in London I should visit her.

That weekend I visited Joan, Jill was still there, but that didn't stop me sleeping with Joan again, although we knew by now that she could hear us making love, espcially as Joan was quite noisy when she climaxed, she had told her sister that the sounds turned her on, she would use her fingers on herself and wished that she had brought her vibrator with her.

We had an enjoyable weekend together, like most red blooded men, I would love to have had Jill in bed with us, but sadly it never happened, A couple of months later Joan and I visted Jill in London, enjoying our newly found friendship.