Written by oz58

29 May 2008

The wife and I have just had a great weekend in London again.

On our last trip we hooked up with a gay guy who showed us around and we enjoyed some great sex together, at that time he suggested we visit this sauna in Covent garden when we next visited , any way , having checked in done the shopping etc , we arrived early evening at the sauna.We got our towels , stripped off and wandered into the general area and there was only 1 other couple there , but 7 other guys.

I was already erect as i love the whole thing of mixed sex.

My wife was having a look about for the biggest cock and she had clocked a guy of about 20 ish who was the total opposite of me , young uncut and about 5\'2\" but who had a lovely cock of 7.5\" ( i know because i sucked it )anyway we introduced ourselves and at first he did not seem to be very interested,J soon had him going though when she started to finger herself whilst sitting on a raised bench , he came over over and sat next to her when he started to wank himself , I changed places and asked him if i could do it for him whilst he watched and started to play with j , i knelt down and took his cock in my mouth while j and the guy started kissing by now another guy of about 40 had come in with a lovely cut cock , not long but very thick , the young guy had now turned j round and was starting to fuck her , the other guy and i were playing with each other and then j took it in turns to suck me and the older guy the young guy came quite quickly and i asked to suck him dry when he pulled out of j , this ended with the 3 of us sucking this lovely young lad back to another erection when we all carried on , this may seem boring to some of you but it was bloody lovely couple of hours , we cannot wait to go again