Written by Little-Cowgirl

15 Dec 2008

If you go back to the story of the cowgirl and her boots posted on the 8th of December,I am the little cowgirl referred to.

It is true that we met through our children.When initial contact was made I instantly saw the way he looked at me, he had that glint in his eye. He was a bad boy and I am a bad girl. It takes one to know one! There was instant sexual chemistry, and at times it sizzled. Seeing him every week I had thought about fucking him ! I knew by the way he looked at me he wanted me but didn\'t know whether he would take it further.

We started to text innocently at first but then it got hotter. It all changed when we discussed the reverse cowgirl position.I told him I had cowgirl boots and nothing else on! Instantly the textual relationship changed.We were so turned on by the texts that we were coming over the phone to one another.

We arranged to meet one night to discuss how we felt about each other and how things should progress. I must admit I felt like a teenager going on a first date! heart pounding ,sweaty palms,dry mouth.I got into his van and we discussed the fact we would start a relationship. The only difficulty was we only had an hour. It passed so quickly with no physical contact between us at all. I thought to myself, is he ever going to kiss me? Before we parted he asked for a kiss. We began to kiss and his toungue became entwined with mine. He then held my face pulling me towards him and I pulled him towards me.Our kiss deepened and was so erotic I was wet from just his kiss.I immediately felt his need for me.

We then had to go, my clitoris was throbbing just from his kiss. I must admit I have never felt so turned on from just a kiss.I had butterflies in my stomach, I felt dizzy,excited aroused!

That night I awoke at 3am thinking about that kiss and wanting him. I was wet thinking about it and began to rub my wet pussy. My clit was throbbing so much it took seconds for me to come! I kept on going and came a second time almost instantly! I struggled to get back to sleep thinking about what it would feel like to have him inside me.

As soon as I awoke,thoughts of that kiss filled my head. Again I was aroused and wet. I texted him to tell him how I felt and he said he felt the same. I asked to meet him so we could take things further.

My first thoughts were \"I must wear the cowgirl boots!\" I was in 2 minds whether to bother with underwear but put on a sexy little thong.

Again I had the dry mouth, sweaty palms, pounding heart. We met up and he got into my car. He looked as nervous and as apprehensive as i was.We drove for a while and found a secluded spot in the woods! Well they do say \"If you go down to the woods today you\'ll be sure of a big surprise\"

All I could think about was having him.God I wanted him! I had though about fucking him for weeks and here I was alone in a car with him. He looked as if he wanted to devour me which turned me on even more. I was wet even before he got in the car! All that pent up frustration!!!

We started to kiss but this time it was more forcefull,we decided to go into the back of the car,more room. We began to kiss again deeper and deeper and he put his hand under my skirt and felt my wet pussy and throbbing clit! He began rubbing and poking me and I came within seconds,he continued and I came again. I wanted to feel his skin, I could smell his sex.I pushed his top up and kissed hhis nipples and chest.He pushed my top up and took my nipples in turn in his mouth.

He sat up and I opened his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. It was indeed a nice surprise because he had a huge cock which was throbbing. I took him in my mouth sucking and licking. He grabbed my head and wanted to thrust it deeper into my throat. I took his whole shaft! I then came up for air and we kissed again. He pushed me onto my back and slipped off my thong. He commented on my bald smooth pussy and began to suck my clit! I came harder than I have ever came before.It started from the tips of my toes throguh my legs,up my body until the wave made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It was so powerful I shouted out involuntary. I could barely breath I was gasping so much. At that point I had to have him inside me.

At first I straddled him! When he slid his wet cock into my throbbing pussy the feeling was utterly wonderful,I wanted to ride my cowboy until he came. He couldn\'t get deep enough in and wanted further.He pushed me onto my back once more and entered me over and over again. At one point my boots were on the car roof.He then had one of my cowgirl boots over his sholder. We then came together, sweating and panting! The windows were totally steamed up. I couldn\'t stand I was shaking so much. He felt the same his legs were quivering. The car smelled of sex and I could smell him all over me. 8 weeks of waiting and wanting! It was worth the wait.

The only difficulty is I want more! I shall keep you posted about how we get on.We are supposed to meet again this week.