Written by jenny

21 Oct 2011

after my first dogging expierience early this week i couldnt help but go back to the park where it happened on my way home last night, i had been so horny thinking about it allday so when i left work at six i took the detour to the park knowing it would be nearly dark when i got there, There was two cars parked up when i arrived so i parked between them feeling quite brave i hitched up my skirt and loosend my top,i noticed a guy outside my window looking in so i began to rub my tits and crutch while he watched he got his cock out and begane to wank he was then joined by the second guy who also had his cock out, i was in heaven as my pussy wetted up straight away,i got my tits out and opened the window he pushed his cock to the window and i took his length into my mouth sucking him for all i could he said can i cum on your tits i just knodded with his cock in my mouth,i opened the door and swung around in my seat pulling my tits right out my nipples were rock hard just as he begane to shoot three good spurts of cum onto my tits it felt so erotic,and as he pulled away the second guy started to kneed my spunky tits rubbing it in all around the nipples,the pungent smell of spunk made me feel so dirty but horny i turned around and lent against my car and offered the guy my pussy, he pulled my knickers to the side and i felt his bare cock enter my wet cunt there was no finness about it he just fucked me roughly until he shot his load into me, the guy who had cum on my tits then took me bareback to shoot his second load, i could feel it around my thighs as i pulled myself together and ajusted my knickers to keep the cum in me until i got home, Hubby was in the garage when i got back so i went straight in and ran a bath, i did look at my spunky cunt in the mirror first as this is a real turn on knowing you have been fucked by guys you dont even know, my knickers went into the washing basket ready for the wash after the crutch being full of wet cum..........