Written by trainer

14 Nov 2015

My wife’s disability has now got to a position, from whereher mind is wanting sex, whilst her body isn’t and as we’re both, fairly, young

she has been telling me to find a fuck buddy, which I have not dismissed out of

hand but not really done anything about. I don’t mind admitting I’m happy to

wank over porn and fantasy’s. I also enjoy working my way through laundry baskets

looking for worn women’s undies.My wife has two sons, both in their early 20’s, the youngesthas almost moved his gf in. I’m regularly in his room as she loves to leave her

panties on the floor, this gives me great opportunity to ‘sniff and wank!” She

works in a hotel and has irregular hours, so sometimes is in our house with my

wife and sometimes not.I was asked to work nights this week past, only four nights,but it’s been a long time since I’d last had to do night shifts. On Friday I

awoke mid morning with a normal stiffy, I knew that she had stayed Thursday night

and decided that I wanted to see what panties she’d been wearing, I saw his

door open, a normal sign that both had left the house, wife downstairs,

probably asleep in her wheelchair, so I was ready to look, sniff and wank. I

walked in and picked up her panties, I took a long draw of her womanly odour

and gently rubbed my cock with my free hand. To my horror the door was pushed

wide open and Gill, the gf, was stood opened mouthed wrapped in a bath towel,

to her credit, she didn’t scream, but asked what the fuck I was doing, I stood

dumbstruck, but my erection didn’t subside, I tried to mumble something. She stepped

into the room and pushed the door to, she asked me what I’d been doing, and

snatched her panties out of my hand. I apologised and said I shouldn’t have

been caught, she scolded me and asked if she should text her bf, my step-son,

and tell him. I composed myself, long enough to say that she should do what she

thought. She then stepped closer to me and asked again what I’d been doing, so

I told her I liked to smell her odour on her panties, she then asked if I

wanted to smell the real thing and took hold of my, still hard cock. Her other

hand untied the towel and there she was naked in front of me. She said her bf

had a problem, which my wife had told me about, and they hadn’t had sex all

week and she was horny as hell. I dropped down in front of her and began to

lick at her freshly cleaned pussy, my tongue went straight to her clit and I

could hear that I was hitting the right spot as her breathing was changing. Suddenly

she gripped my head and shook, as she had a quiet orgasm. She dropped down onto

the bed and opened her legs wider, as I put a finger inside her and went back

to licking along her slit and clit, until she came again. She told me that she

had to go to work, and stood up, I reckoned that she wouldn’t tell her bf, but

decided that it would be best to leave her to dress and see how it panned out,

but as I got to the door, she said, quite forcefully, that she had enjoyed it

and may well need my service in future and that she would let me know.