Written by Jake

18 Sep 2008

Karen was a former colleague. We had worked together 10 years earlier when we were both probationary youth workers. We had some great laughs at work and were good mates, but that is as far as it went. Over the years we stayed friends even though our careers took us in opposite directions.

While I was married Karen stayed single something I found curious given that she was stunningly beautiful. In time I bacame something of a confidant to her and I learned that she had a thing about older men. In fact for about 4 years she was having an affair with a married man that she used to babysit for. Then one day Karen turned up on my doorstep unexpectedly. She was crying and when I let her in she sobbingly told me that he had died of a heart attack.

Over the next couple of years I would see Karen occassionaly for lunch and it seemed to me that she was dealing with her grief. Then one time she confessed that she missed sex especially the furtive sex that went with dating a married man. We had shared a bottle of wine between us over the meal and I don\'t know why but when I walked her to her car I suddenly took her in my arms and just kissed her. She didn\'t resist and seemed pleased if a little surprised. I just laughed and said I had always wanted to do that but never had the courage. She smiled and said \"What now? Would you like to come back to my place. I mean we could have tea or coffee.\" I said OK and followed her up the road in my car.

As I drove my heart was racing. What was I doing? What was I thinking? I can\'t do this, I\'m married and Karen is a great friend I don\'t want to lose. I told myself that we could just have coffee and a chat but in my heart I think I already knew that I wanted more than coffee.

Karen lived in a semi in a quiet cul-de-sac. We both stood in the kitchen while she made coffee and let her small dog in from the back yard. It was all very innocent and domestic. Then she closed the dog in the kitchen and took me by the hand to the white leather settee in the living room and invited me to sit down. This time she took the lead and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. Within seconds I was breathless and pushing her back deeper into the settee. My right hand explored her body feeling the softness of her left breast through her striped blouse, then travelling down to touch her thigh now exposed as her skirt rode steadily higher. My tongue was now feverishly probing Karen\'s mouth and I could hear her breathing loudly through her nostrils. Now my hand undid a button of her blosue and sought out the soft flesh of her breast cupped in a black laced bra. There was no resistance and I lowered my head to suck feverishly on a large nipple. Karen lay back and groaned. I sucked and licked and teased the hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Then, while still sucking on her breast I moved my hand under her skirt and felt the matching lace of her panties. She was wet, real wet and offered no resistance as I fingered her and sought out her budding clit with my thumb. Then she pushed me and I thought I had gone too far and I sat up.

Karen stood up, walked two paces forward and began undressing. Within seconds she was stark naked and when she turned around to face me I gazed in admiration at her beautiful body, her 34 inch breasts perfectly conical in shape, the curve of her stomach and the hairless valley below. As she walked to me I could see that her labia were already enlarged and I caught sight of her clit peeking from its hiding.

Karen rejoined me on the settee and I quickly returned to sucking on her breasts, fingering her labia and clit. After a few moments I sunk to my knees, pushed her knees apart and began slowly licking her labia and nudging her clit. Karen let out an even louder groan and I used my tongue to probe deeper, enjoying the taste of her vagina. Her breathing grew louder and faster and she gently held the back of my head as I probed further with my tongue and gently played with her clit with my thumb. Suddenly, she gasped and her thighs squeezed me tightly round the head as a long, lingering orgasm overtook her.

I rested for a minute until she released my head again and then I set about licking, probing and teasing her once more. Over the next 15 minutes she came 3 more times, each time louder than the last as she lost all inhibition and just gave in to the pleasure of the moment.

After this fourth time I moved back up on to the settee and smiled as I gazed into her face. There was just the trace of a smile on her lips, her teeth gently pressed against her bottom lip as if she was still experiencing mini orgasms. I got up and stripped myself naked and then turned to let her see my erect penis for the first time. I sat down beside her but on the edge of the seat not quite sure what to do next. Karen recognised my uncertainty, got off the settee and on to her knees and with both hands gently pushed me to ly back. Then she took my cock in her mouth for the first time and slowly but surely moved her mouth up and down on its engorged head. Then with her right hand she held my cock near the base and simultaneously wanked me as she took me orally with her wet lips and mouth. Every so often she stopped to look up at me, then she would let saliva drip from her mouth onto my cock and then she would resume blowing me. It didn\'t take too long and I told her I was about to come but she just kept going. I erupted into her mouth, splurge after splurge of hot cum. She kept blowing me, only more slowly now and I could see my spunk escaping from the corners off her mouth.

It was a wonderful moment, never to be repeated alas and shortly afterwards she phoned me to tell me she had got together with a new man. Part of me was very happy for her and certainly my relationship needed no complications. However, to this day I regret that we only had that one stolen evening of passion.