Written by Cruiser

7 Jun 2009

My dad lives on his own after the loss of my mum and sometimes gets very lonely as they were together for 60+ years. I do what I can to help him and often go on trips with him to keep him company which he pays for as he is very comfortably well off.

I am 45, blonde, very curvy, and have managed to keep my figure. My hubby and I have had the occasional bit of swinging, hence being on here, but it is just for a change rather than a lifestyle.

I had a phone call from my dad about going with him on a cruise for 6 days around Scandinavia and would I keep him company. I managed to get a few days off work and we set off from Southampton. We were sharing a cabin and after settling in we went for a tour of the ship.

It was mostly retired people on the boat and we eventually ended up in the bar chatting to several older guys. I must admit that I found them quite refreshing to talk to and enjoyed their company. We set sail and headed for the North sea which luckily was quite calm.

The first two days went quickly with stops in Denmark and then onto Norway. Dad was a bit tired and went to bed early and I headed for the bar. I was sat at the bar and was invited to sit with 4 men. All were in their sixties and they kept buying me drinks. It was about 11pm and the drink was beginning to affect me. I said I wanted some fresh air and they said that they were going to their cabins for a nightcap. I was invited to join them and I went with them to one of their cabins which was a superior one.

When we arrived they opened the doors onto the balcony and I sat out with a glass of water. when I felt better I went inside and sat on the bed. I could see them eyeing me up and I had one sat either side and each put their hand on my leg as I chatted.

I didn't stop them and they eventually worked their hands up my skirt until they were touching the top of my holdups. I was quite pissed and feeling a bit horny so I let them and my legs were pulled gently apart and fingers were touching my pants. I was enjoying the attention and before I knew it a finger was inside my pants and two of them were feeling my tits.

My dress was undone and bra taken off and I was pushed back on the bed. I was really quite turned on and responded by opening my legs as one got between them. He quickly pushed his cock in me and just fucked me quickly taking about 5 minutes to cum. I was surprised at the amount that he came in me and each of them in turn fucked me. I loved every minute of it and although they were all quite small I still managed to cum a couple of times.

I went back to my cabin and dad was asleep so got into bed and was soon asleep.

This was repeated every day as all 4 of them fucked me every night after plying me with drinks. I felt they were completely in my power and enjoyed it as each of them came in me. I came occasionally over the 4 days but it was not mind blowing, but it was a turn on having power over men who wanted me. I enjoyed being used like a slut and loved to feel their weight on me as they collapsed after they came in me.

It was certainly a trip to remember and my hubby enjoyed me telling him about it when I got back. Oh and I loved the presents they gave me as we left the boat. Bit difficult explaining them to my dad though...