Written by jan

25 Mar 2009

Hello everybody, my name is Jan and this is the update on my experience entitled caught my husband wanking dated for the 19 march. If you have not read it I recommend that you read it first so that you will fully understand what has happened to me,, on the night of the party. As I told you Mike wanted to come in and fuck me properly saying that my husband must be stark raving bonkers to let another man any where near me let alone fuck me

But this was the middle of the night and my husband was not aware yet of what I had just done. Any woman will tell you that we don’t give our self lightly to somebody else,, unlike men who can’t wait to get in a woman’s panties. As I said I took Mike’s mobile number, but had not made any further meeting with him.

When I got to the bedroom my husband was fast asleep so i just gingerly crept into bed and drifted off to sleep. I was woken up just as it was coming ligh,, i felt my husbands hand stroking my inner thigh. When he my eyes opened he leaned over and kissed me. What’s got into you I asked,, I feel horny he replied and I want you.

I wanted to get up and go for a shower as i could still smell my pussy from the fucking Mike had given me. But my husband would not let me get up,, I was nervous and it was time to tell him what i had done. As I started to tell him he put his finger on my lips and shusssh. I know that you have fucked someone else, I can smell your pussy from here.

I want you and i am going eat your pussy,, No No , you can’t it smells. I know he replied that’s why your not getting washed,, I want to taste every morsel of you cum filled pussy. I now gave up all objection and i let him go down on me. This was having an affect on me and it was making pussy soaking wet,, as he licked my open pussy lips. I came with a full blown orgasm similar to that i had with Mike.

Then he climbed on top of me,, asking who had fucked me last night and how many times. His name is Mike I told him and he only fucked me once,, well you dirt little slut you should have let him fuck you more. This was what my husband had been dreaming of, and now it had happened. My husbands cock was the hardest that i had ever felt it,, has he rammed me harder and harder. Well you slut,, did you let him fuck your arse,, no,, well you should have done. Is he bigger than me??? yes yes much bigger and fatter,, is he better than me?? HO YES compared to him your a fucking wimp.

I could hardly believe what I was saying but it had the desired affect and my husband he came with one almighty gush and filled me up. I to orgamsed again,, then as his cock slipped out of me he went down on me again,, licking furiously at our mixed juices. later that day we discussed what had transpired and my husband wanted me to continue to fuck mike.

But i did not want this to be a regular thing// for one i did not want to develop feelings for another man. There was also the fact that Mike knew out friends and I did not want it spread about that I was a slut. But we did agree that he could fuck me one more time,, and this time it would be in our home. So i phoned Mike and made arrangements for him to come on over on the Saturday night. Well Saturday evening ,, Mike arrived has planned I introduced him to my husband. They knew each other by sight but had never been introduced.

We had a meal and some drinks and eventually the subject of Mike fucking me was discussed. Mike said to my husband,,, I don’t understand how you could sit there while i talk about fucking your gorgeous wife. Are you going to watch while i fuck her the way your not able to. But he got up and said he going to bed and off he went to the spare room. Mike took me to bed where he stayed all night. We fucked and slept then fucked some then slept and fucked.

That night Mike filled me with his sperm in my pussy and my mouth and even had my arse hole twice. The talk was obscene as he called me a hot cheating whore and a cock hungry slut and a sunk bag. It was a fantastic night or raw sex which has left me wanting more. After Mike left in the morning my husband was in our room like a rocket. He greedily lapped at hot my pussy and my arse as he eat all Mikes sperm,, from both my holes. Once again we had fanatic sex,, this really for my husband. He now wants me to treat like a slave and make him feel inferior. I am not sure that I can do that but i am going to try.

I also want to pick up the courage to fuck other men as I have this feeling of missing out on sex,, and i want it to continue. I just have to sum up the courage of meeting other men. Before this happened I would never have thought that I could enjoy fucking another man so much.