Written by david

5 Feb 2009

Well it started a couple of weeks ago, my wife went out with some friends leaving me behind,she was late back and i pretended to be asleep when she got into bed,i waited until she was dosing and felt her up she was soaking i licked my fingers and realised it was spunk in her.i was rampant and slid my cock in for sloopy seconds she woke up and cum on my cock,anyway the next day she told me that she wanted to fuck strangers and bring them home and make me watch,i said i did not think it right,but she said well im going out again tonight and you can stay at home,she went out dressed like a complete slut and again did not get back till late this time she came in with four black guys and took them to the bedroom and they all stripped off she made me suck there cocks hard before forcing me to watch as they pumped her full with spunk all bareback,then the guys made me lick her out before dumping there loads into her again,this has now been going on for two weeks and my wife has even gone dogging on her own and made me do clean up duties when she gets home.she will not let me fuck her now and has told me that she intends doing an allcomers party at our house with a group of doggers and anyone else who turns up,shes turned me into a wimp who wanks at the thought of her fucking strangers and i dont know what to do !