Written by Cuckold Wimp

1 Nov 2007

Firms Christmas do – you either love them or hate them. In the past I had hated them. Last years changed my mind. At last I saw a long held fantasy of my wife with another man come true.

It was the beginning of December. The day of "the firms Christmas do" it was held early this year due to a mix up on hotel bookings. Reluctantly I loaded our overnight bags in to the boot of my car. Our employers had learnt the lesson from past years and were providing hotel rooms for all staff that lived more than a reasonable taxi ride away so as to avoid problems of drinking and driving.

My wife, Sue and I changed when we got to the hotel; I had to admit that Sue looked stunning: The material of her dress seemed to be modelled to her body accentuating all the right curves. Her half cup uplift bra clearly set her 36C breasts on display which were only just modestly covered by the material of her dark blue cocktail dress.

By 10.00 the firms Christmas do was in full swing, Sue and I had both had to little to eat and much to drink, but then it seemed so had most at the party. Unlike previous years the bosses had arranged a Santa Claus. Staff were encouraged to be like children and visit Santa in his grotto (located in a corner of the stage) to tell him our Christmas wish and be given a festive gift. Childish and tacky but when you have had a skin full anything can seem like a good lark.

Whilst Sue had gone off to the loo, I weaved my way over to Santa.

"What do you what for Christmas son" he asked.

That was a Joke. I am 32 and Sue is 29, hardly children. "Well", I replied, "a 10 inch big cock to fuck my wife". We actually had a good and loving relationship but my small 6 inch penis did little to satisfy Sue in the bedroom stakes. It was the one thing I wished I could improve.

I expected Santa to be outraged and if sober I certainly would not have made such comments. He looked at me and asked "which lady is you're my wife". At that moment Sue had just returned to the dance hall. I pointed her out. She looked stunning in her halter neck dress which fell to mid thigh. Her long blonde hair flowed when she flicked her head. Santa broke the spell by saying "I think your wish will be granted this evening". Pigs might fly I muttered as I stumbled away, there was no way anyone could magically more than double the size of my prick.

As the evening wore on, I forgot about Santa. Sue and I danced a few numbers but dancing was not really my scene. After a break, the band started playing again. That was when Marcus one of my co-workers who had stopped by several times that evening to chat asked my wife to dance.

Sue looked at me and waving my hand I replied "go, enjoy yourself". I watched as they danced several fast numbers. I had to admit the moved well together. Her Blonde Hair and white skin contrasting with the ebony black skin on his six foot stocky frame. The next number was a slow dance. I was surprised to see Marcus take Sue in his arms. It seemed quite natural that she wrapped her arms round his neck as they swayed to the music. They seemed to be whispering to each other. The next moment I saw them kissing passionately. Marcus hands slipped down to her buttocks, fondling them without a care of who may be watching, including me.

After several more slow numbers they returned to our table hand in hand.

Sue surprised me by saying "I want Marcus to fuck me". This was a fantasy we had shared in our love making but that was as far as it had gone. Sue only seemed to go along with my suggestions over the last couple of years but till now had never taken any action. "Ok" I stammered, "now"? I asked. "No time like the present" came back Sue's reply. With that they strolled out of the hall hand in hand.

I scrambled out from behind our table trying to hide my erection. Rushing I caught up with them at the lift. Putting her hand on my shoulder Sue said "darling, this first time I want to be alone. I will come back to our room later" I stood open mouthed as they entered the lift. I watched the doors close as they again embraced passionately.

I returned to my room expecting Sue would only be an hour or so. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was the room phone ringing. Answering the phone I looked at my watch. 9.00 In the morning. Saying "Hello", I heard Sues voice asking me to come and see her in room 243. Assuming Marcus was still there, they had been together for 10 hours! A quick wash and I was on my way. Sue answered the door wrapped only in a thin bed sheet which did little to hide her body, she looked ravishing and ravished. I could hear the shower running so Marcus was obviously still in the room.

Taking my hand she led me to the messed bed. I could see damp patches from there love making. Sitting me down, Sue asked if I had any regrets, "no" I replied. I explained after they had gone last night I had tossed myself off twice imagining what they had been up to. I then asked her the same question. That's when she said, "No, I have no regrets. Marcus is a wonderful lover, and he has a magnificent 10 inch cock". I thought of the conversation I had with Santa the previous evening and what I had asked for. The outcome was not quite what I intended but for me being a Christmas cuckold was the perfect ending to the firms do. Perhaps I do believe in Father Christmas after all.

Three weeks had passed since the firms Christmas bash. It was two days before Christmas Eve when I next saw Marcus. I knew he had spoken nearly every day with my Wife Sue and they had had been out on several dates. On one occasion Sue even stayed over night with him. On her return she teased me by giving little detail away but I could not miss the radiant glow on her face form her lovemaking session with her boyfriend.

At first Marcus obviously was unsure how I would react to the situation but was relieved when I reassured him I told him I did not mind that he had been phoning my wife and in fact I would be happy for them to carry on seeing each other. Without looking him in the eye, I also made it plain to him that I enjoyed knowing they were having sex together.

In conversation it turned up Marcus was going to be on his own for Christmas. I insisted he spent it with us as we were also going to be alone. It did not take much to get him to agree. He would come over on Christmas Eve, staying then for Christmas day and Boxing Day returning to his home the following Monday morning.

Later, when I got back to my office I phoned Sue to let her know about my conversation. "I know" she told me, Marcus has just rung. "Thank you darling, I think this is going to be a wonderful Christmas".

She went on to say Marcus was taking her out that evening. "Hurry home, we need to talk where this relationship is going before I go out tonight". As I put the phone down I realized I did indeed need to make some decisions. Either we brought an end to the matter or accepted the consequences. Did I want my wife to have a lover in her life? My erection rather made me think I did.

Getting home, there was no sign of life, I went upstairs and on entering our bedroom I saw my wife had just finished getting ready to go out. She looked stunning in her white dress. The movement of her breasts and indentation of her nipples made it obvious she was not wearing a bra. Her skirt fell to just above her knee, her smooth legs were bare, her feet being encased by a pair of matching high heels with open toes which showed off her bright red toe nails. The only thing spoiling her appearance was the evident lines of her panties.

Wow I said can I just make a couple of improvements. Sure my wife replied. Dropping to my knees, I slipped my hands under her skirt and pulled her silky panties down .resting her hand on my shoulder for balance, my wife stepped out of them without any objection. "Do you want my boyfriend to know I am open and available she asked". Yes I replied.

"Do you want my boyfriend to fuck me she then asked". I again answered yes. "Do you want him to continue fucking me regularly". "Yes" I replied.

Sue then went on "I am not a slut, if I am having sex regularly with Marcus, I will not spread my legs for anyone else outside of my marriage. Is that what you want, me being available for my boyfriend?" Without hesitation I replied "Yes I want you to carry on fucking your boyfriend"

"Why" she asked. "Because I know he is bigger than me and that you enjoy sex with him more than with me". Hesitantly I added, "I also think you love him". Sue was silent, I thought oh no I have gone to far, but she was just pondering my statement. The after a moment she said in a soft voice. "Yes I think I do love Marcus. turn you on to imagine me telling him how much I love him and how I prefer sex with him the next time we are in bed together"? "Yes" I replied. "Fine because that is what I will do".

With that she picked up her car keys and went to leave. At the door she stopped. One last thing Bill, smiling she said, if I am going to commit myself to Marcus as we just discussed, I think it would be improper if I continued to wear these. Holding out her hand, I saw what she was referring to. Slowly my fingers grasped her wedding and engagement rings and slid them off her finger.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and with a parting, "don't wait up as I somehow think I may not be back till tomorrow" she ran to her car and was gone. I stood on the door step wondering where things would go from here. Whatever it would be, I felt my cock straining at my pants, stiff as a flag pole.

The day before Christmas Eve, I was late home having wanted to clear my desk before the festive season. When I got home that evening I found Sue had the house spotless and had arranged a last minute appointment at her beauty salon.

The next day, Christmas Eve, I was not at work. Sue asked me to make up the bed in the spare room whilst she was at the salon. As I put clean sheets on the bed, I guessed it would be me sleeping in hear for the next couple of days.

Marcus turned up late afternoon. Sue had not returned so we crashed out in the lounge with a couple of beers. Sue rushed in about an hour later both hands full of bags. Darling she screamed running to Marcus. She threw her arms round him in a loving embrace kissing him with open mouth. I could see their tongues entwined. After a few minutes they separated. Still arm in arm Sue asked me if the spare room was made up. Not surprising she went on to ask if I minded if Marcus could sleep with her and I occupy the other bedroom over Christmas. How could I refuse?

Leaving them to it, I picked up Marcus's bag taking it to their bedroom. I removed the clothes and items I would need for the next couple of days and put them in our spare room.

Passing our matrimonial bedroom on the way back to our Lounge I could hear them whispering sweet nothings to each other. Peeking round the edge of the door I saw they were both naked. My wife had wrapped her arms around the muscular neck of her lover. Tenderly they kissed, this turned into passion as I saw my wife's tongue snake out to meet her lovers. As the passion increase, his hands started to caress the sides of her firm breasts, then moving to tweak her erect nipples which brought a moan of pleasure from her lips... At the same time she ran the nails of one of her hands down his back. I noticed the marks her nails impressed before the colour faded back to the coal black colour of his skin.

His hands then moved down her body, caressing as they went until they cupped her lovely buttocks. Her hand now moved from his back to between their bodies. Gently caressing his cock. With a fluid movement, I marvelled as he lifted her from under her behind and she slipped his erect 10 inch tool into her wet and willing pussy. Another louder and longer moan of pleasure was uttered by my wife as he took her weight whilst she again wrapped her arms round her neck he thrust into her. I realised at that point I would never be enough for Sue. I could never match the strength or sexual ability of Marcus. Obviously this was going to set the scene for the next few days.

I started to prepare a bit to eat, just as I was thinking I needed to call the happy couple, I heard them coming down stairs. Sue's bags amongst other things must have included a few new outfits. She looked amazing. Her long blonde hair was up in a ponytail. Her dress, a term I use loosely, was red, very much in keeping with Christmas; the shock was it hid nothing being totally transparent. Underneath I could see she only wore a matching thong. During the meal they were almost in each others lap. I noticed my wife only eat with one hand. By chance I dropped my fork. Bending down I saw where my wife's other hand had been. She had undone Marcus's pants and had spent the whole time fondling his big black prick.

On the plus side, they did let me watch that night as Marcus 10 inch black rod stretched my wife's pussy, something I would never be able to do. The sight of his cock, glistening with my excited wife's love juice is something I will never forget. This was followed by the humiliation of listening to Sue cry out in passion as she reached her first orgasm. Then the kick in the stomach as I listened to my wife say "Marcus I love you" and how love making with him was unlike any other she had experienced before. The sight of her bare pussy, yes at the beauty salon she had all her pubic hair removed, something she was never prepared to have done for me but obviously she had done so to please her lover. Me, well I sat in the corner tossing myself off into a tissue. Afterwards Sue said, "be a pet and close the door on your way out". I knew I had been dismissed but would not have had events turn out any other way. Several times during the night I heard the cries of their love making.

In the morning I took them a cup of tea, seeing on Christmas morning my wife laying naked in the arms of her lover, for a cuckold that was some present. I was making breakfast when Sue came down. She came and put her arms around me. "Are you OK" she asked. "Fine" I replied, "I would not have asked Marcus to stay if I had any doubts". Sue then went on to say "I have a question for you. I love you and want you to be assured I have no intention of leaving you but I do not feel it is fair that I share my body, "Should I only fuck my husband with his little weenie or should I only let my wonderful boyfriend with his magnificent cock have access to my body". Before I could answer Sue went on, "think carefully whichever you choose there is no going back". Smiling I replied. I do not have to think about that. But first tell me, do you love Marcus. Sue looked me in the eyes and softly said "yes I do" then I replied I said "I think you are going to end up with a much stretched cunt from your boyfriends cock".

Later we exchanged presents. Marcus gave Sue a diamond dress ring. She slipped it onto her right hand. Seeing what she had done I said, "in view of our earlier conversation, may I make a suggestion" Sue looked puzzled, so getting up I went over to her. Lifting her right hand I slipped off Marcus ring. Then taking her left hand finger where I had removed her wedding rings only two days before I Slipping Marcus's ring onto that finger. I went into the bedroom and retrieved her wedding rings which I replaced onto her right hand. Sue smiled realizing what I was doing. It looked like she now wore a diamond engagement ring. Marcus's engagement ring. The way they spent Christmas in each others arms, a stranger would easily be mistaking that I was the visitor in Sue and Marcus's home.

On their way to bed on Christmas night Sue slipped a small package in gift paper into my hand. A late present she answered to my question, the grin on Marcus face made it evident he knew the contents. In the spare bedroom I opened the packet to find it contained Sue's birth control pills. I listened to the noise of their love making whilst I contemplated the implications of what 2005 will bring. My cock became rock hard as I thought about the possibility of my wife carrying her boyfriend's baby.

Ten months have passed, Marcus still dates Sue on a regular basis. Although with her swollen tummy she easily gets tired. Yes she is now 6 months pregnant with her boyfriend's child. We have talked about the future. Marcus enjoys his freedom and Sue knows he would not commit to a formal relationship. Our arrangement suits us. Marcus has a hot babe to date. Sue enjoys the illicit relationship of a lover outside of her marriage and me, well I guess it just is the fact of being a cuckold that gets me going.