Written by new cuck

11 Jun 2010

i love my wife sue very much she is pretty , petite sexy, has lovely tits and i love to fuck her, but over past few years i have had a uncontrolable urge to want to watch her being fucked by another man,we often fantasise about this whilst we are fucking ,and whilst we are fucking she will say that she wants to fuck other men, but when i broach the subject in the clear light of day she would hesitate and say that it might harm our relationship,and that i would become jealouse if a guy with a bigger dick than me fucked her,when in fact the thought of a man with a bigger dick than me doing her only increases the pleasure for me,i have had many a wank thinking of other men fucking sue doggy style or up against a backstreet wall, or in the back of a nice car,and emptying there load into her lovely wet cunt, i knew that the thought of it turned her on, and didnt think she would ever,go through with it , until last week, since last week my world has been turned upside down, and im still coming to terms with what has happenend.

i had been working away for several weeks,and every evening i would phone sue to see how she was , and that she was ok, but last thursday i raang home and she wasnt in so i text her, and she replied saying she was out with a girlfriend there were a few spelling mistakes in the text so i assumed she pissed ,about 2 inthe morning i got another drunken text saying she had just got in and she was ok, so i went to sleep.

next morning i rang her and i was suprised at how quick she answered the phone, and she was talking in hushed tones and i could tell she was walking down the stairs in our house, i asked why she was whispering and she just said oh im tired, then all of a sudden i hear a male voice shout down to sue, bring us drink of water sue,it felt like i had been struck by lightning , the adrenalin was rushing round my body , my heart was thumping and i had a imediate hard on, i asked whos that , there was silence then sue answered with a tremble in her voice,look dave i went out last night this guy chatted me up, i bought him home and let him fuck me,we have not had sex for weeks and you had told me you wanted me to do it ,on top of that i was pissed, so i just went for it,im sorry but you did say its what you wanted, dont worry he is a nice clean guy and really lovely and i enjoyed it, i was stunned into silence,sue said look dave i cant talk now i will ring you later , thenshe put the phone down on me,all day i was high as a kite, my cock was solid all day , just thinking at how many ways this man could have fucked sue, and how many times did he fuck her, was his dick bigger than mine, did he come inside her , did he fucke her bare back, did she suck his cock, does any one know this guy fucked my wife, sue finally rang me about ten o clock that night and we sterted to talk about what had happened, she told me he chatted her up in a bar , she found him attreactive and that she decided to go for it,i had by now got my dick in my hand and was wanking as i asked her if she would tell me the details, she asked me if i was sure i replied yes then she told me, that they got a lift to our house off one of his mates and that he fucked her in the back seat in full view of his friend,then when they got to our house she got his dick out wich was hard as rock and by the way bigger and thicker than mine and he fucked her on the stairs,i asked did he use a condom she said no, i asked did he come inside you she replied yes several times at that moment i shot my load, over the hotel bed, my dream had finally come true sue my lovely wife was cuckolding me,after i composed my self she asked if i was ok,i said yes, she then said she loved me , i replied i loved her and didnt mind about what had happened,she said she had enjoyed it and had never thought i could cope with the fact that a guy with a bigger better cock than me was doing her, but she said she is seeing tony again to night,i asked if she would send me a photo of her when she is dressed up ready to go out with him she said she would,later the next day she sent me a photo of herself she looked like a women ready to get a good fuckin, sexy low cut dress high heels stockings, and no nickers, i wanked all over my phone looking at her, three hours later i got another photo of tonys big fat cock with my lovely wifes hand around it and her wedding ring full of his cum,i thought that was cruel , but i loved the pain of it and had a furious wank again,i cant wait to get home on friday and start my new life as a cuckolded husband, sue has got some suprises in store for me, and has told me things are going to change dramtically for me, but she has promised me a good wank if i bring her something nice home i love my wife