Written by Jason

21 May 2009

Meeting up unexpectedly with an old friend I hadn't seen for ages, we were reminiscing over a joint family holiday we spent on the Cambrian coast in 1981. He has been divorced for years, and in response to his query after my wife, I explained that she had gone cold sexually and we hadn't made love for years. His response was interesting...clearly trying to make up his mind whether to tell me or not, he finally spoke up: 'You remember when we were all down on the beach together....you were playing cricket with the kids.....' I vaguely recall a crazy game where I was forever retrieving the ball from the outgoing tide...'Well, I saw Gina going up into the dunes to get into her cossie...Mary was cricketing with you and the kids so being randy of heart I crept round the back of the dunes to see what I could see...'. I was interested...'Go on' I said: 'Well, I caught her just out of her bra, only knickers...I played innocent, saying I was just looking for somewhere quiet for a pee, but then laid on the admiration for her tits, saying they were absolutely gorgeous....' 'This sounds interesting, David...do go on...!' 'Well, I sat down beside her, she was really embarrassed, didn't know how to handle the situation, so I brazenly pulled down my trunks, revealing a good semi that just got harder and harder...' 'Look what you've done, Gina, made me all hard! I knew David had a good long cock, 7" with a long foreskin and small helmet He then went on to say that he knelt up so that his now-rigid todger was only inches from her face, in the hope that she would lean forward and take it in her mouth, but no: It was only when he started to caress her tits (her best erogenous zone) that she calmed down and started touching his cock. 'I told her that that felt like heaven...and to pull my skin right back and wank me...she did, my hand moving down to her crotch, pushing her nicks down and finding her clitty...' Then she panicked, pushed my hand away and pulled up her pants...I was so excited by now that I replaced her hand with mine, and shot my load over her shoulder and tits....she almost freaked, trying to wipe off my spunk with her bare hands.' 'I realised that she had been pushed beyond her borders, so to speak, so apologised, but said I was really turned on by her lovely body.' 'You won't tell a soul about this, will you?' Gina said. 'Promise?' David promised, and this was the first time he had told anyone. He then asked how I felt: 'Just wish I had been there...would have done her good to have shared in the fun!' although I did think that with no condoms, pills or 'day after' contraception at the time the ultimate fuck in the dunes was a potential disaster...David was (and still is!!) a heavy cummer, and had already sired 3 children..... So, my prude missus nearly taken in the dunes....lovely thought!!