Written by k

25 Jun 2011

Due to the recession i was made redundant the anxiety and pressure caused me to lose confidence and i became impotent and unable to satisy my wife who at first was very understanding.

My wife who is 35 always dresses classy with a very good body and is extremely attractive has a well paid job and is very assertive and confident, she loves a active sex life which we had until my problem.

After a number of weeks she became less patient and understanding with me and insisted i carry out all the houshold duties as i was no longer providing an income then after a time she sat me down and explained how frustrated she was with me and she needed sex.

She gave me an ultimatium she would divorce me or i could accept her conditions for staying with me.

I would have to accept her having other men lovers to replace me and accept the situation, i tried to reason with her even begged her,but it was accept the situation or divorce !

I eventualy agreed and to ensure i was on board with my new place in the home she bought me a french maids uniform with matching black stockings suspenders bra and black panties which she insisted i wore whilst doing the chores and if i made any mistakes or comlained she would take me upstairs and cane me into submission, one thing she took delight in doing was making me mastubate into a condom and then forcing me to pour the contents into my mouth and swallow my own semen.

The first time she was going to go out and meet a lover i had to help her get prepared she wore the most sexy underware i had ever seen silk stockings suspenders matching silky panties and bra also a beautiful new outfit which showed lots of cleavage, she took great delight in teasing me about going to be satisifed by a real man with large hard cock. It was torture waiting for her to get home wondering what was happening my mind in turmoil but excited my cock was rock hard and i had to have a wank.

When she arrived home she was like the cat that got the cream not even being discrete she told me it was wonderful and her pussy was still throbbing and i could get down on my knees and lick the cum from her used pussy.

Things have moved on since that first time and she now brings her men home and i have had to sit and watch her and her lovers satisfy each other, in particular the first time i witnessed her give a man a blow job and watched as he ejaculated in the mouth and face was so degrading and humiliating. Many times i have now watched her being fucked and wanked myself into a condom which i must drink.

It is hard to accept my cuckolding but at least she is still my wife and see her being happy and sexually satisfied is better than being divorced.