Written by Mr Linda

14 Dec 2009

My wife Linda is ten years older than me. When we first met she was just 30, slim and (I thought) very beautiful. Twenty years down the road she's put on a bit of weight, and though her looks might have faded a little bit, she's sexier than ever - trim waist, large firm bust (with great dark nipples), and big sexy hips, bum and thighs (none of your size zero nonsense here!).

She also dresses in a very understated elegant style that I find hugely sexy - for work she always wears a blouse and skirt, matching jacket, sheer tights, and strappy heels that show off her great legs and figure. When she gets home, the first thing she does is kick off her heels, pour herself a drink, then unwind on the sofa in front of some trash TV. I love this part of the evening, especially when she gets into her second and third drink - she 'forgets herself' and her legs begin to splay, her skirt starts to ride up around her thighs, and I feast on the glorious sight of her panties sheathed in sheer tan or black nylon, and her bright polished toenails which are similarly encased.

Unfortunately as our marriage has progressed, and Linda's become ever sexier, our actual sex life has dwindled away to almost nothing. I just assumed Linda was happy with this and simply wasn't interested in sex any more (certainly my own sex drive has dwindled a bit over the years). How wrong can one man be!

Linda works as a regional sales director for an IT company and is often away from home for days at a time on business. When I'm home alone I like to check out porn and online dating sites. I also have a bit of a thing for women's underwear, and like to look through Linda's underwear collection, checking out her lacey bras and whispy knickers (quite racy for a woman her age and build). I was doing this just last week whilst Linda was over in Newcastle for a quarterly sales conference. I'd had a few drinks and was idly rifling through her knickers drawer. For some reason I started imagining how she would look to another bloke seeing her undressed for the first time. I pictured her stood in heels, tan tights, little pink bikini panties and a matching bra, with a guy's hands running all over her, cupping her breasts, feeling her fanny and arse, stroking her nyloned thighs, and she getting turned on, writhing her hips and giving him the come-on. This thought gave me a huge hard-on, and I stripped off and started wanking my throbbing cock.

One of Linda's laptops was in the bedroom and I booted it up so that I could wank over some porn. On the desktop was a folder called 'My Stuff'. I absentmindedly clicked it open and was stunned to see a whole gallery of pictures of Linda smiling and posing in her underwear. They all seemed to have been taken in hotel rooms, and showed Linda in various states of undress - from fully clothed in her business suit to just tights, knickers and bra. My heart was pounding and my mind racing. Linda had always seemed quite conservative and not one to flaunt her body in any way. I was astounded but I was massively turned on as well - my cock was twitching and I could sense a huge climax building. Then I came across another folder, this time labelled simply 'xxx'. I could hardly breathe. I felt a mix of both fear and lust, and after a moment's hesitation, clicked it open.

The folder displayed as a filmstrip of images, one after another. I clicked on the 'slideshow' option and sat back, feeling at the same time more horrified and more turned on than I had ever been in my whole life. The show started with Linda apparently in a hotel room after a day at work. She was wearing a smart well-fitting jacket and matching skirt that fell just above her knee. Underneath she had on a tight white blouse, and tan nylons and black strappy high-heeled shoes. The slideshow progressed and off came her jacket, then a drink appeared in her hand. She began a series of poses, initially just like a model, but, as the first drink disappeared and was replaced by another, the poses became more sultry and provocative. Linda had unbuttoned her blouse and was posing with her skirt raised higher up her thighs. Three or four more images flashed by, and her blouse came off, leaving her in just skirt, nylons, bra and shoes. Then she unzipped her skirt and shrugged it down over her wide hips. She stood facing the camera in her sheer tan tights, heels, and pink bra and knickers. Suddenly there was a man by her side. He looked to be in his late-50s, big build, greying hair and a bit of a belly. He was smiling at Linda then kissing her. The camera zoomed in and I could see Linda's willing tongue in his mouth. He palmed her large breasts then began pinching her nipples through her bra. Linda reached down and in an apparently practised movement unzipped his fly and took out his cock. It was of medium length but incredibly fat and heavily veined. My own cock was now on the verge of exploding. I was in a state of complete shock, but lust was taking the upper hand, and I greedily devoured the ever more explicit images.

The man took off Linda's bra and her heavy breasts hung down with their dark broad nipples prominent against her peachy flesh. She pinched her nipples and offered them to his mouth. He stripped naked, his heavy cock and ball sack swaying beneath his hairy chest and belly. He sat down on the bed with his cock standing proud and Linda wanked him and took him into her mouth, kneeling so that her big broad arse directly faced the camera. Then a second man appeared, slightly older than the first, and wearing only a pair of boxers. He crouched beside Linda and stroked her big ass cheeks through her tights. She seemed to like this judging by the way she wriggled her hips and thighs. The second man then peeled Linda’s tights and panties down around her thighs, and began exploring her intimately. He spread her cheeks and looked at the camera grinning. Linda’s lust-swollen mound was sharply in focus, and I could clearly see her protuberant fanny lips and dark puckered anus. The grinning man could then be seen with his fingers inside Linda’s pussy, and then his thumb just entering her asshole. Then all I could see was his back, as he presumably began fucking her from behind.

The picture stream jumped. Linda was sitting on the bed between the two guys, completely naked except for her strappy heels. She was wanking both their cocks and had her legs splayed over theirs. Her dense hairy bush looked matted with her juices, and her fanny lips were amazingly prominent within. Then one of the men was between her raised thighs, his head tight between her legs. She turned her head and began sucking the other guy’s stubby cock. The pictures started coming in closeup: a fat cock head just entering her pussy, her tongue licking another cockhead, her pussy spread open (Linda was holding herself wide open, thumbing her clitty at the same time), Linda’s pussy and thighs being spunked on by the first guy, the second guy’s cock in Linda’s arse, her pussy now oozing creampie from the first guy’s cum.

My own cock exploded. I have never come so much in my life, the mixture of emotions racing through me seemed to supercharge my sex drive. I was panting and sweating and incredibly turned on. The slideshow abruptly finished. I checked the ‘xxx’ folder for more images, but I had seen them all. There was just a plain text file called ‘Read Me’. Getting my breath back now I clicked it open:

'Dear husband – If you are reading this then my little secret is out. How feel? I realised some time ago that you were never going to be able to give me the sexual satisfaction I require, and I have taken things into my own hands, if you’ll pardon the expression. I love the attention of horny guys with big hard cocks and lots of staying power. Unfortunately this category doesn’t quite include you, my darling? You see, your dear wife loves sex, but got bored with her husband’s rather tame approach, and began giving in to the many superior offers she’s had over the years. Sweety, these pictures are just the tip of a very naughty iceberg, so enjoy wanking your little cock of me and my lovers, and know that there’s plenty more like this to keep you happy. From now on this is the only sex you’ll have with me! Linda xxx'