Written by d smith

15 Apr 2008

I'd written earlier re my wife's exploits whilst out so say, with her "friends".

Well, she's surpassed herself this time.

Our boiler needed it's annual inspection and she said she'd have the day off to make sure the man did it properly, like a fool i trusted her but part of me was thinking the obvious.

I wanted to try and catch her red handed, the problem was i didn't know what time the man would turn up; i drove off to work that morning then parked up just round the corner and waited;luckily, the man was early, he arrived only about half an hour later; i could see our house and watched the door open and he went in.

I left the car and walked back towards the house, it was of little surprise to see the curtains being drawn upstairs by my wife, luckily she didn't see me.

I saw the man come out to his van to get his toolkit and then go back into the house, i was in a dilema as to how i was going to get into the house without her hearing me or, if she did, what i was going to say as an excuse.

After 20 minutes dithering i decided to go in; i put my key in the lock and quietly turned it, i didn't hear anyone downstairs so i opened the door a little wider and carefully stepped in; i could hear sounds coming from upstairs that sounded like someone was having a good time.

I crept up the stairs and could now see into the bedroom; my wife was on all fours wearing only her hold up stockings, her taut bum in the air and the Gasman was behind her, he had a massive cock and the tip of it was right near her arse.

"Go on" she cried, "fuck my ass now!"

He rammed it in and she squealed, then he was fucking her like there was no tomorrow, she was moaning in total exctasy untill he had obviously exploded inside her; she made him pull out and stand on the floor, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked all the cum off it.

She then opened her drawer and pulled out a big black dildo which he started to push up insider of her.

" I want you to feel my tits and squeeze my nipples" she said sexily.

He obliged and his cock started to get hard again.

The dildo was going back and forth till she suddenyl pulled it out and laid back on the bed pulling him onto her again, his cock slid easily in and he was fucking her hard yet again.

I couldn't contain myself any longer and burst into the room.

She was in the throes of another orgasm and the look in her eye as she came was sheer delight, " why don't you join in?" she said.

The gasman got behind her again and i got my cock out and she gave me a fantastic blow job, i came all over her mouth and she took the spunk on her fingers and rubbed it onto her tits.

The man behind came in a loud groan and we all collapsed onto the bed.

The man looked a bit sheepish and got dressed and left, i didn't know what to say to be honest; next week the washing machine's due for a service!