Written by ScotsBull

16 Jun 2008

I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. This encounter happened approximately six months ago just before xmas).

I initially made contact with Lindsay through one of the cuckolding sites. We chatted for a few days and arranged to meet the following week at a bar, after work. Her appearance was a bit of a surprise as she looked almost ‘mumsy’ with her long skirt and sweater yet her emails and telephone conversations had been incredibly sexy and slutty. However closer inspection proved the plain hair, minimal make-up and clothes didn’t quite disguise how fuckable she was. Tall, blonde and statuesque – not skinny; solid in a feminine way with wide hips and large round breasts.

Ideally she wanted a fertile bull. Someone who could do what her husband couldn’t by making her pregnant whilst demonstrating to him how it should be done. The most important rule was that all contact was to terminate as soon as she was pregnant. We chatted for a few hours over drinks, the conversation became more sexually charged, my hand was soon between her thighs under the table and we arranged a meeting for the weekend.

I arrived at the hotel room for John to open the door. A nondescript guy with glasses and mousy brown hair. How did a guy like him land such a fuckable wife? He led me into the room to find Lindsay sitting on the edge of the bed. She’d made the effort to dress in a thin white slip, a few tasteful touches of make-up and had raised her hair. She looked incredibly sexy with just the right degree of nervousness and vulnerability.

John attempted to get my attention to talk about rules but i simply ignored him, approached Lindsay and drew her up to me. Taking one of her heavy, silky smooth breasts in my hand before kissing her. Flicking the tip of my tongue across her lips before darting deeper. Pressing against her and feeling her withdraw before squirming as my other hand caressed down across her hips and thighs.

Stepping back briefly i unhooked a strap from her slip and lowered it to reveal her soft swollen globes with raised nipples. Leaning forward to take one nipple between my lips and gently squeezing between my lips before sucking deeper and rolling across my teeth. Feeling her press her body against mine, the breast harder against my mouth i removed the nipple to flick the tip of my tongue across before slowly circling. I raised her slip with my other hand before stroking her inner thighs which she immediately parted by standing wider. My fingertips soon found her hot slick lips, parted them and slowly inserted one finger. As my finger gently teased her swollen clit, my tongue and lips gently teased her swollen nipple. It wasn’t long before my hand was coated in her slick juice, she was practically riding my hand and i hand two fingers mercilessly grinding her clit against her pelvic bone. Her climax was accompanied by a muted wail and a small squirt.

Lowering her to the bed, i stepped back to undress and couldn’t help but notice how her worthless husband had already stripped and was sitting naked in the corner chair whilst tugging at his cock.

Turning Lindsay over and having her kneel upon the edge of the bed i lent forward to whisper in her ear “ I’m going to fuck you hard. I’m going to pump my seed deep inside your womb and you are going to tell that worthless bastard exactly how good it feels.” Dragging her gusset to the side and grasping her hips with one hand and guiding my cock to her swollen pussy lips with the other, i called to John “Watch closely as i fuck your wife as my slutty whore and listen to her enjoying it!” I swear that he beat his cock faster.

Grasping her hips and pressing the head of my cock between her lips, the cock forced in on one smooth motion. Withdrawing slowly until only the head was embedded and about to be released from the grasp of her tight yet slick pussy lips before driving back in deeply in one forceful motion. I revelled in the knowledge that he was watching closely and she was moaning how good it felt. Then reaching forward to draw back her arms and in doing so lowering her shoulders to the mattress, this allowed me deeper access and i could literally drive myself into her by pulling back against her arms. It wasn’t long before i was pounding into her before feeling the tell-tale twitching along my cock and cumming within her. She described it beautifully to him as she wailed and whimpered whilst driving her rear back into my groin and then telling him she could feel my seed flood through her.

Once drained, i withdrew but kept her in that position. I moved to the side to allow him to watch as i slowly finger fucked her with first one and then two fingers – deliberately opening her wide to allow some sperm to flow from her gaping hole.

I soon learned that Lindsay is only to take an active part in the humiliation of her hubby by riding his face and forcing him to eat creampie whilst telling him how worthless he is. This soon had me hard again and ready for another. Thankfully she also proved to give great head.