Written by jasperbD

19 Oct 2007

Maria and I have been meeting for some time now and she loves all aspects of sex. We have been meeting 3somes and 4somes but last week we decided to organise a cum fest.

We chatted to a number of guys on the site and arranged to meet 5

They all turned up (surprise surprise) and Maria explained that she wanted to have fun and that they could all fuck her but the finale must be that they would all try to shoot their load over her boobs at the same time

We all got stripped and Maria staretd wanking 2 of the guys while sucking a third. Me and the 2 others were playing with each other when Maria said who wants to be first.

She knelt up on the bed and Roger entered her doggy style.

He rode her well and pulled out before he shot. Said it was a close call During the next half hour we all had a fuck sometimes with Maria on top. Then she gave the order.

Ok guys she said I want your loads now so start wanking

There were the six of us rubbing at various speeds. I said I was ready but held back.

One by one all of us said Ok and Maria lay on the floor while we knelt over her. She counted down from 10 and on zero 4 of us shot closely followed by the fifth. The sixth guy was wanking hard and moaning about a minute after the rest of us he erupted. He produced more cum than the rest of us together. He just kept on spurting.

At the end Mraia was covered and went for a shower. We all cleaned ourselves up and the 5 guys left discreetly one by one

The heavy cummer was called Alan and about 15 mins later there was a knock on the door and he was there asking if he could come in. Maria said OK and he sat on the bed and said how much he had enjoyed himself

Then he looked at us both and asked Maria if he could fuck her. I am a repeater and I would love you to ride mehe said

Minutes later she was astride him and they fucked for about 5 mins when Alan let out a huge moan and cluched Maria tight. His body jerked and Maria said wow you are a repeater I can feel you filling me up

He thanked us. Washed and left

Maria dripped cum for about 20 minutes

We have done what we planned and dont intend to do it like this again